Thursday, September 18, 2008

Intercafe FIFA Challenge!

Yeap yeap i know its been awhile since i last update The FIFA Blog. Well there is a reason why and a very good reason indeed. I've been pretty busy setting up our clan baby project. Introducing: Intercafe FIFA Challenge!

Stand a chance to win the grand prize: [cool.gif4 Days 3 Night Trip to HK DISNEYLAND FULLY SPONSORED!!!

Participating Cybercafes*

Autosurf Cheras: 20,27 and 28 of September 2008
Autosurf Subang(SS15 nearby FTZ Asia): 20,27 and 28 of September 2008.*

*Any changes will be inform later.

A registration fee of RM20 will be charge to each participants. With RM20 you can go to Disneyland! WOW! rclxm9.gif

*More cybercafes will be included later. Other cybercafes who are interested are welcome to join as well.

Champions of each cybercafe will represent the cybercafes and fight for honor at the grand final and stand a chance to win a trip to HK DISNEYLAND!

Slots are limited. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now! thumbup.gif ^^

Want to register? Contact our person in charge [W|nDs]Si_Jali 017-3020087 or [W|nDs]Leoninho 012-3990790 or send an email with your personal details to

You can also walk-in register on the day itself but we prefer earlier booking since the slots are limited.

So sign up now! ^^

Support Your Local Tourney and Have Fun! ^^


goooooood girl said...

i like......

Jopperstaluf said...

hey rinie, when is the contest coming around setapak?

Rinie said...

unfortunately we wont be helding it at setapak due to some technical issues which we couldnt avoid.

but u can join it at Autosurf Subang SS15 this 25th. ^^