Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cyberfusion 2009: Malaysia Is Now The World Champion!

What more can I say? Cyberfusion 2009 is now officially the longest running LAN Party in the world! We have 274 participants with 40 hours, we were +71 more participants and +4 hours than the previous record set by nVision in 2008.

Everything was going fine through out the event, with minor hiccups such as people torrenting and downloading which cause the line to be unstable. There were 14 people being disqualified for most of the reason was because taking too long breaks. Even 1 min late is not allowed. Thats how strict the rules enforced.

The foods, well it was just okay. Not really much to be excited about. Only get to eat KFC/Pizza Hut after all is over.

Everyone was okay through out the event right until we reach 30 hours. Almost everyone having difficulty to stay up. Some even were caught napping while playing. The most epic was this pics:

Credit To Linkin For The Pics And Wan *Acting Skills* In The Pic

I think enough for words. Now check out below for the pics of how cool the event was!

During The Early Hours

Not Much Different In The Later Hours

Some Brought Their Gaming Wheel..

Some Even Brought Their Own Pillows...

Cybercafes Also Participate In Cyberfusion

Not Everyone Can See DELL XPS 730 In Action Ok :P

We DEFINITELY Break The World Record + 2 Hours!

And Everyone Cant Wait To Pack...

Dato Fadillah Yusof, Timbalan Menteri Sains,Teknologi dan Inovasi Going Around Checking The Gamers.

Dragon Dance Performances

Gamers Were Too Tired To Watch...

Dato Redza Giving His Congratz

Dato Yusof Giving His Speech Too..

And Still Too Tired To Listen..

Time For The Big Announcement!

The Guinness Adjudicator



We Want More People Up The Stage!



EH Wait Me Wait Me!

Everyone Cant Wait To Go Up

Too Many People.. How Take Our Pics laa

Our Gang~

Press Conference

For more pics you guys can check out here:

1. Multiplay
2. From Aoshi_88
3. From Azmkun
4. From MBT_Knight

If you guys have any pics to share please feel free to leave a link and we will put it right up.

I dont know what to say anymore. I guess im still havent recovered from by blurness. Will try to write Cyberfusion 2009: The Aftermath tomorrow. Till then, WE ARE WORLD CHAMPION!


HiSa Ito said...

can u help me...
i want to know ur background..
where u study from?
i'm going to do some research about gamers in Malaysia...

FarA said...

first pic, diablo II! i missed that game!