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2007 In History~

Happy New Year 2008!

May everyone have a great and wonderful year in 2008~

Thus i dun think its too late for us to review back whats has happen in the FIFA scene last year 2007.

In the FIFA scene, there are plenty interesting thing happened in 2007. Lots of dramas,excitement and not to forget controversy.

Nonetheless its still was the year where some new faces shows up and also new champions were born.

So to no further due, Y dun we just review our 2007 FIFA scene shall we?

1st: 1st Dotcom Tourney
This would be the mark where the FIFA scene in Malaysia started to get heated with competition. It started in the mid year where usually gamers starting to get rdy for the upcoming CEL Games and WCG. It also was the 1st official participation between MyFES and W|nDs to test their skills in the new FIFA series, FIFA 07.

The 1st competition held by Dotcom saw a few veteran faces such as from the [W|nDs] clan, Vin
and Quicknet and also from the MyFES clan, Houlivgan and Zietoo.

The tourney ended up as [MyFES] Houlivgan the CHAMPION! Vin and Quicknet lost in the earlier bracket.

Seeing that the MyFES has put a statement in the FIFA scene, [W|nDs] has vow to take action in the upcoming Dotcom competition.

2. 2nd Dotcom Tourney

After seeing one of our top performer in [W|nDs], Vin got knock out earlier on, all of the [W|nDs] member started to shift their attention towards the next Dotcom Tourney. This tourney also saw the return of last year no.1 in Asia, [W|nDs] Si_Jali who was during that time studying in Medan, Indonesia and was in sem break. Not only that, it attracted many crowds and new gamers and also some participants from the famous LYN FIFA League.

Not just that, seeing such a crowd goin to enter this tourney, MyFES also send a full squad down to Dotcom to heat up the tourney. Such a battlefield to gain respect and pride in a small CC!

As the tourney goes, some of the favourites had manage to overcome the earlier brackets such as [W|nDs] Si_Jali, [W|nDs] Vin, [W|nDs] Loonatic, [MyFES] Solidsnake, [MyFES] Arroyos. It was pretty obvious that the competition was more like a clan war being dominated by the both clan.

But in the end, it was [W|nDs] Loonatic emerge as the CHAMPION beating [MyFES] Arroyos who beat [W|nDS] Si_Jali in the quarter finals. [W|nDs] Vin manage to get his revenge from the previous tourney by getting no.3

3. CEL Games

CEL Games was always one of the competition where everyone has been looking forward too. It 1st started in 2005 and now its their 3rd year in the gaming scene. Well done guys!

As always in CEL Games, there is goin to be CC qualifiers b4 the big fight in Lowyat. Only the top 2 from each CC is goin to go thru the final in Lowyat. And here are the list of them:

Ipoh Qualifiers
1st: Myfes Arroyos
2nd: Myfes Killer
Johor Qualifiers
1st: Myfes Bush
2nd: Myfes sildes
MMU Qualifiers
1st: [W|nDs]LoOn4tic
2nd: [My_Fes]solidsnake
Damansara Qualifiers
1st: [W|nDs]si_jali
2nd: [MyFES]zetoo
FTZ Qualifiers
1st: [W|nDs] Jotaro
2nd: [W|nDs] Rei

Cybertime Qualifiers
1st: [MyFeS] houlivgan
2nd: mohammad rosdan saamri
Tbun Qualifiers
1st: Forza
2nd: [W|nds] Des

Lowyat Qualifiers
1st: [W|nDs] Vin
2nd: Terence

This show that MyFES conquers the outstation qualifiers where else [W|nDs] focus more in the Klang Valley prelim. This also shows that there r goin to be only 3 un-clan players in the last 16. And to our surprise, the NFS Champ Forza also show such prowess in FIFA 07 beating Vin in Tbun and emerge as CHAMP too.

In the last 16, there were some exciting match to note and of coz it was the old rivalry war between [MyFES] Solidsnake and [W|nDs] Si_Jali. Solidsnake has been known as the CEL Games 06 FIFA Champ and EFC 06 FIFA WC Champ.Solidsnake has been the one who always there to stop W|nDs to dominate in any competition. Its was a very exciting match that goes into penalty! In the end Si_Jali manage to beat Solidsnake in the penalty shoot-out

In the semi finals, there were only 4 left. 3 from W|nDs clan which is Si_Jali, Vin and Loonatic. Where Houlivgan was the sole representative from MyFES. Si_Jali vs Houlivgan and Vin vs Loonatic.

It was pretty close match between Vin and Loonatic which some match also when into penalties and extra time.But in the end Vin manage to beat Loonatic and going to go against Si_Jali after he beat Houlivgan in the semi.

3rd/4th placing was also very interesting since its their last chance to fight for the podium. Again Loonatic playing dangerously and got himself into a penalty shoot-out again! Houlivgan wasnt about to give up eventhought it was against mighty Loonatic. But in the end, it was the playing so dangerously Loonatic who won thus book himself on the podium for 3rd place. Lucky Loonatic!

The Grand Final as always going to be a promising good match. It was very tight actually. The goals didnt come by as many as in the semi. The 1st match Si_Jali won by 3-1. 2nd match Vin won by 1-0. And the 3rd match..

The 3rd match was very exciting with controversy in the twist! With a tie 1-1 going into the 70th min, Si_Jali go for a long ball and manage to get Trezeguet on the break. But his position wasnt a good position to score. He saw Henry running down the left flank but is closely mark by Thuram. With no options left and being pressured by Gallas, Trezeguet go for a low cross hoping Henry pace to get the ball. Henry goin down and try to shoot, but Thuram's leg was closer to the ball.. but Thuram hit the ball into his own net! Coupet got a touch to it but its too far away for him to reach! Si_Jali SCORES!! and the game end at 2-1! Si_Jali has emerge as the CHAMPION!

It was also his 1st ever CHAMPION title he won in Malaysia. Yup believe it or not, its his 1st.

It was also the 1st time [W|nDs] won all 3 spot in a tourney. Not a bad start for the year.

4. WCG Malaysia 07

What can i say? Its the tourney of the year! The only tourney tht allows u to travel out of Malaysia and represent Malaysia in the WCG Grand Final Seattle US.

Again the pride,prize and prestige is on the line again. With newcomers such as the inventor of LYN FIFA League Youqi,Seed,TuanKing,Kayren and also d darkhorse of the tourney more than 5 times CHAMP of LYN FIFA League Redztech and midfield creativity Falcon, it really is going to be very tough and interesting at the same time.

Earlier in the brackets, there were some major upsets. [W|nDs] Vin and Loonatic were knock out in the bracket stages. It was really a shock since both of them had perform well in the previous tourney. Falcon also lost to dark horse Redztech but Si_Jali put an end to the dark horse run by beating him in the 2nd round.

Surprisingly, it was only 3 [W|nDs] in the Final 8 where there were 4 MyFES and 1 unclan player. It doesnt look good to [W|nDs] for them to clinch any spot in the top 3 since it was only [W|nDs] Si_Jali show a consistent progress while [W|nDs] A13x who still need to prove that his journey from Ipoh wasnt wasted again and [W|nDs] Juan who is a newcomer to the tourney. Nonetheless when it comes to tourney, results matter!

In the end, [W|nDs] Si_Jali manage to bring the flag into the final going against [MyFES] Warrior who was also make everyone surprise because he wasnt the favourite and beat his own clanmate Solidsnake and Arroyos on the way. Again the final match was always interesting. In WCG it was based on Champions League Home and Away format.

The 1st match [W|nDs] Si_Jali make a good start beating [MyFES] Warrior 5-1. The 2nd match was pretty close. Everytime Si_Jali scores 1, Warrior scores back. It was pretty obvious he is a warrior indeed. But when it reach 4-4, the tempo started to change. Si_Jali started to increase the lead and improve his def. In the end, the match end at 6-4 with Si_Jali emerge as the WCG Malaysia FIFA CHAMPION! CHAMP TITLE BACK TO BACK!


This would be the 1st time ever a tourney giving opportunity to gamers to become a high paying progamers! Up to 25k USD to be grab!

As always, [W|nDs] and MyFES will be there to grab the spot. Not to mention the participation of another clan which is [FOX] but they have been technically disqualified because they are under 18.

It is also the 1st time a tourney ever being recorded in a tv show. So its not just the pressure to win, the pressure to look nice on camera also must be counted in as well.

[W|nDs],[MyFES] and some from the LYN FIFA League has been doing well as expected in the early rounds. But the match to be noted was between 2 clans again, [W|nDs] Si_Jali vs [MyFES] Killer.

Everyone know the competitive rivalry against this 2 clan. During the match Si_Jali seems to have problem with his FIFABOT. Everytime he did the long ball, there were yellow flash on his top screen tht show he did the forbidden moves. Thus affected the gameplay. Eventhough Killer won the match, after check both FIFABOT, Killer didnt know that his FIFABOT was OFF. Thus explaining why the yellow flash was flashing on Si_Jali screen but it doesnt show on Killer screens. So as the rules has stated that both player have to make sure that the program was on, the match restarted.

So the match restarted. Killer have the lead. He was leading 3-0 and Si_Jali was the one trailling behind. But he has 1 nickname that many ppl has forgetten. It was "Comeback King". As the time goes by, the goals keeps on coming in from Si_Jali. In the 80th min, the score was 5-4 with Si_Jali catching up. When it reach 90th min, Killer try to go to the wing and hold the ball for time wasting! Si_Jali respond as fast as possible to get the ball and he got it! He straight away counter attack hoping the ref didnt blew the whistle yet. The ref didnt touch his whistle and Si_Jali goes on to counter. With only a few ppl at the back its pretty obvious that Si_Jali can create a goal here. And he did! He score! 5-5! Its goin to go into extra time!

In extra time, it was pretty much sure that Si_Jali wont allow Killer to take the lead again. Thus scoring 1st and ended up winning the match by 7-6. Such a match to be noted. It attract many crowd to watch with all the shouting from each player's supporters.

So with the drama ended, the tourney continues. This time it was [W|nDs] Si_Jali vs his own clanmate [W|nDs] Leoninho. Again Si_Jali was behind by 3 goals. It wasnt a good day for him today. But again Si_Jali did the same thing he did in the previous match, comeback. With the score 5-5 in the 80th min, everyone knows who score the nxt goal is goin to be the winner of the match. In the end, Leoninho beat Si_Jali with a Makelele header from a corner! Yes u heard me rite. Makelele! Leoninho beat Si_Jali by 6-5. The Comeback King make a comeback but couldnt win the match.

Even with the favourite early exit, the CGS was still interesting. Other match to be noted was also between [W|nDs] Vin vs dark horse Falcon. It was pretty close but Vin manage to beat Falcon with a very close margin. Another match was between [W|nDs] Al3x and [MyFES] Solidsnake. It was a high scoring match which produce more than 10 goals. In the end Al3x beat Solidsnake.

Thus it was all [W|nDs] in the top 4 CGS consist of Loonatic who win most of his match with more than 5 goals,Vin, Leoninho who beat Maxsim in the quarter final and Al3x. Again they have shown their dominance in the FIFA scene thus was the clan to be beat. In the semi it was Loonatic vs Leoninho and Al3x vs Vin.

Eventhough Leoninho show his prowess by beating Si_Jali early on, he lost to Loonatic by 8-1. Again Loonatic has prove that he can score more than 5 goals in most match.Al3x also lost to Vin by 3-1 thus put the 2 good players Loonatic and Vin and goin to meet again in the final of the Winner Bracket. It was pretty close but Loonatic exploit his powerful set pieces moves thus beat Vin by 4-1 sending Vin down into the Loser Bracket.

In the Loser Bracket, Vin meet Al3x again and again beat Al3x with 2 goal margin 2-0. And AGAIN meet Loonatic in the finals. But this time it was Vin who get the point. He beat Loonatic by 6-3! Such a convincing score! But because Vin was from the Loser Bracket, he have to beat Loonatic again to win the CGS. Knowing that Loonatic has the immunity, Loonatic got spirited and give Vin a good match to fight. In the end, Loonatic won by 5-3 and emerge as the CHAMPION of CGS Malaysia 07! Another title under Loonatic's belt!

6. WGT 07

It was the 1st ever WGT held in Malaysia by in2 Marketing Sdn Bhd. Eventhough its new, its background staffs are the same organizer from WCG. So it can be pretty much expected that its going to be another succesful event.

With all the tourney going around in Malaysia, it was a good way to end this year by ending the year with a title in hand. Thus again inspired many ppl to join as well. The same old ppl from MyFES and W|nDs where there to show support to the FIFA community. But another new clan emerge, Tornado clan! A new clan founded by Kenny,Youqi,TuanKing and Falcon. Thus creating a more liveable competitive feeling in the competition.

Again W|nDs and MyFES shows promising start. It started to give an atmosphere of another final between W|nDs and MyFES. Nonetheless there was a rematch between [W|nDs] Si_Jali and [MyFES] Killer. As expected it was a pretty close match. But in the end everyone can see that Si_jali was controlling the game and won Killer by 2-1.

Another match came to surprise when the underperforming [W|nDs] Maxsim beat [MyFES] MVP= Solidsnake thus decreasing the chance for MyFES to win the title. But all hope was not lost when [MyFES] Warrior amazingly unexpectedly beat the CGS CHAMP [W|nDs] Loonatic very hard and again joining in the semi finals with [W|nDs] Si_Jali, [W|nDs] Vin who beat Redztech in the quarter finals and [W|nDs] Maxsim.

In the semi it was Si_Jali vs Warrior and Vin vs Maxsim. It was pretty tight match in both match but in the end, Si_Jali and Vin meet again in the final for the rematch in CEL Games. If Vin win this time, it is goin to be his 1st title as a CHAMPION.

In the 3rd/4th placing match, Warrior proves that he is a player to watch out when he beat Maxsim and book his place in the podium. In the finals, it was pretty tight between Si_Jali and Vin. Everytime Si_Jali score a goal, Vin score back. It keeps on going until the 90th min when Si_Jali manage to get a late goal 6-5. But as Vin spirit goes on, he keep on attacking until force Si_Jali to commit a mistake and his defender get a red card! Vin in a very good position to score from a free kick near goal... and he scores again! 6-6! wat a match!

2nd match resume with the aggregate each 6-6. Both players again show promising start. But Vin looks more dangerous while Si_Jali looks like he just lost his luck! He cant score from 5-6 chances of 1 on 1 where he was known as to be good at it. Either it hit the post or the GK manage to tip it out. Such bad luck. Because of Si_Jali sudden bad luck, Vin took the chance to take the lead. In the end with Vin taking full advantange of Si_Jali's bad luck, Vin beat Si_Jali and emerge as the 1st ever CHAMPION WGT 07! And his 1st to ever win a tourney! Wat a year man wat a year!

So i guess that sums up 2007! It was pretty much exciting and i know its going to get more exciting this year too!

And i wanna apologize if i miss any names here or if i offended anyone or if$ i miss anythg.

Hope that this article will inspire many to play games competitively especially FIFA of course!

So again Happy New YEAR EVERBODY!

For more info abt our community and FIFA 08 u can always check this blog.. u might not know i might post some tips here ^^


A13x said...

Haha wei Maxsim lost to Kayren in the group stage la...it was ME who was in the Final 8 with you and Juan lolz =P

And my nick is A13x...not Al3x! Remember the number '13'!!!

Hehe Ballack just scored his 2nd goal! 2 goals in 3 matches, just right after his long time injury...not bad huh? XD

Rinie said...

ohh damn i thought it was Maxsim!LOL!

Thx for the review u did on my review!lol

Yeah Ballack score!

But i do think he is very important when Lampard is not around.

But i still hate Avram Grant!

A13x said...

Haha how can you forgot when you were the one who knocked me out in the winning bracket?? lolz

Yeah Ballack was captain also in the past 2 games lol...finally he made me wanna watch all Chelsea games liao haha

Yeah i hate Avram Grant too and i want Mourinho back! I also hate that Ben Haim...i prefer Carvalho more than him!

Rinie said...

yeah Ben Haim sux! he let many mistake and also let to set pieces which opponent can score!