Friday, December 28, 2007

Someone Stole Our Jersey's Design!!!

I was having my Friday prayers rite..

Then when i was looking around suddenly i saw this very familiar shirt..

It doesnt have any name on the back like ours but.. the colour,stripes,style everythg from the zip and collar is the same! yeah u heard me rite! 100%!!

And the jersey belongs to some sort of club... but i dont think its a gaming clan..

Duhh piracy is attacking W|nDs!! We must bring this to court! haha~

Talking about ppl who have the same mind like we do. Its makes us felt un-unique anymore..

Wat a sad un-unique world out there.

Our clan jersey


A13x said...

Actually not people stole our jerseys. Our jerseys are not copyrighted some more haha. Should blame Jotaro instead because he cincai grabbed a common jersey design that is being worn by a lot of people. We already saw the duplicate jerseys being worn by a group of soda promoters just outside Cineleisure during our CGS Msian Qualifier. Haha they also mistaken us as their workers! One of them even waved at me and Loon that time lolz.

Rinie said...

lol aihh wht to do..

we must make a new colour and style like this!

i live this job to u! lol

A13x said...

Haha actually we can't do much about the clan jerseys. We still have to buy a normal jersey which is selling out there and it's quite hard if you want to create your own whole design of a jersey. The thing is i didn't know that our current jersey is THAT COMMON! lolz

I already designed our clan jersey last time hehe. What we can do is just to make a new clan jersey and making sure this time the design isn't too common lolz