Monday, December 29, 2008

Malaysia 1st Gamers Gath At PWTC!

Hi everybody!

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We are here to invite everyone to join Spotgamers at Youth 09 Festival, the largest youth festival in Malaysia more than 50000 people and over 100 activities to participate.

Spotgamers have been invited to join up with the other youth community around Malaysia in the Youth 09 Festival 9-11 January at PWTC. This is the chance for the gaming community to get the exposure and also maybe even future contacts to help the gaming community grow.

What is Youth 09?

Malaysia's largest youth lifestyle event[/B] is a 3 day festival to be held on 9th-11th January at the Putra World Trade Centre, bringing together youth communities from all over Malaysia for a range of exciting activities. Themed "Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Revolution", 50,000 young Malaysians aged 16 to 28 from different backgrounds and youth communities will be coming together to organize and participate in over 100 activities involving fashion, dance, music, entrepreneurship, personal growth, career and other youth interests.

You can view the trailer, event details, and meet youths who are going at

So what are the activities we gonna do?

At our booth we gonna have: History Of Competitive Gaming in Malaysia
: A guide through on how to be a pro-gamer.
: A guide through on how to create a gaming clan.
: Free play for selected games such as Guitar Hero,FIFA 09 and etc etc

It looks nice right? But WAIT! We still havent announce our main event! Our main event is...

The 1st Official Gamers Gathering in Malaysia

Date:Sunday, 11 January 2009
Venue:PWTC (Hall will be announce soon)

Yup guys its the 1st ever gamers gathering in Malaysia! We will be having food and drinks for everyone(unless u guys are very hungry!) and a place for us to just chill around and have fun together.

But we wont waste this opportunity just for a meet up. We will be adding 2 more cool event which is:

1.Friendly Matches Between Pro-Gamers:

The suggested games are CS 1.6,FIFA09,COD4,NFS and DOTA.

At the same time we will be having Predict The Winner Contest. Those who guess correctly stand a chance to win some cool prizes as well. So u wont go back empty handed.

And the 2nd main event is:

2. Spotgamers Gamers Award Ceremony

This are the award we will be giving away:- Spotgamers Gamer Of The Year
:- Spotgamers Clan Of The Year
:- Spotgamers Newcomer Of The Year
:- Spotgamers Largest Gaming Community During The Gath Award.

Just like The Grammy and AIM, Spotgamers will be conducting our own award ceremony to our best gamers in Malaysia.

Not just that, we will be giving away freebies so that you guys wont go back empty handed! You guys will receive a free 2 hrs play at selected cybercafes as well as a membership card for u to play at selected cybercafes for just RM1/hour! And many many more other great freebies to give away.

So what are you waiting for? come join the fun! ^^

Register here to get your free pass.

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