Monday, December 1, 2008

Video: Best Goal Eva!

Sorry im getting more busy with my other project which need more of my attention. But thats why i introduce the video section in The FIFA Blog! :P

Check this out you wont believe this goal can happen!

Err.. are you sure its a goal ref?

Err.. the ball is err...

LOL the ball is on the net! And its a goallll!!! Best goal ever baby!

So play beautiful football! ^^


You Qi said...

Happened to me in another similar case, I performed a free kick and the ball goes inner top of the bar... but the ball then went thru the net and consider an out. wtf!

Rinie said...

lol it happen to me too but in 1 on 1. Its a confirm goal but donno y suddenly the ball go thru the bar and consider out =.= said...

What a goal!