Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Art is Artistic!

Ok so i went out with Scha today(It pronouce as "Sha")..

She is in some type of art industry which i always failed to understand every time she explained it to me.. every year she always xplain it to me.. and i for some reason my mind always wonder to the different type of "@rt" if u get wht i mean..

So we were hanging around Kinokuniya and the Petronas Art Gallery.. we were exchanging ideas on books tht we read.. and sumthg besides "@rt" caught my eye...

I notice that the art industry is very huge. I mean gigantic HUGE! Just imagine the price of this art books are almost as equivalent as the medical books. If u guys have ever read an art book (not the other @rt book) it contents consist of a few pics and some other stuff which is not in my vocabulary.

But wht we dont realize is tht how does this art become so huge. Take the Adidas logo for example. The 3 stripes that represent Adidas was created from the creative freedom thinking that the art industry always emphasize. For us that 3 stripes would look so ridiculous in our eyes but we cant deny the truth that its worth billion of dollars. How could such simple thing that we can draw can worth so much? Where else scientist have to create sumthg tht we dont understand at all to be so WOW? The art industry just make everythg look so ridiculous. Another example is the Nike logo which i dun think i have to explain much.

Thus this put the art industry very unique and standing on its own. But in truth.. its not that simple. People pay thousand to million to get this type of logo. To have their own branding. Its not easy to make such thing coz it need to be simple and catchy at the same time and related to the current time trend. A lot of aspect have to be look upon. Research and bla bla bla. In short, the art industry is no different than the complicated science industry. Both is unique in its own way.

We Malaysian have this type of mentality looking down to ppl who go into arts. But i believe if ppl do really look deeper in both industry, they can see that both need each other to survive. The collaborative of both industry produce the Quantum Physic logo that is very famous linked to Albert Einstein. I believe if Einstein were in the arts field, he will be darn good too... but its hard to prove i guess..

Wahh never imagine i write such complicated thoughts! damn im becoming artistic today! haha!

Thought for today: Ever imagine urself to do sumthg against what most ppl believe in? I have ^^

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