Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blogger... What???

Haha this would be my 1st time doing this blogger thingy.

Heard abt it but never imagine doing it. But i have to admit its pretty cool to have ur own website.. literaly...

Well.. uhh.. donno wht do i have to actually write here.. im pretty bad in expressing my thoughts into a piece of paper.. i mean a piece of.. wht u call this box.. writting box or ahh nvm..

Haha kinda silly but its a good experience! I think this is a good start for ppl (like me) to get used with the website designing industry. A good place for beginners to start! (Thats me!)

Ok so i keep it short and simple for the 1st time.

Thought for today: Its always felt silly when u do new things. Dont u think so?



Alan Tay said...

Good Start There !

Hope you will one day have your own site without relying on Blogspot.


Chapree Da Grande said...

Wah, sudah ada blog gitu. Bila nak buat website sendri, bang?

Meanwhile, add la blog aku dlm link ko. Aku dah add ko punya :P