Thursday, November 20, 2008

Video: Sneaky

Im going to add a new features which i believe many of guys have been waiting for, which is the video section!

Yup im going to show clips which would help you understand better the game. As well as showing some entertaining video too.

So lets start with our 1st video: Sneaky Anelka!

What did Anelka just did? Let us see closer..

Isnt that a push? Its not a foul?

Yes he did push... and there is no foul for that!

LOL this is one of the proove that this version is so random. There is always something unexpected going to happen. Almost like real football!

So play sneaky.. i mean play beautiful football!


Anonymous said...

there are too many 'sneaky' things in fifa09 tat frustrate me still thinking how to deal with them

Settasilp said...

Wow! How to do it ?

I'm from Thailand ( but I'm FIFA player like you )