Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Attacking: Secret In Positioning

Positioning is one of the key to a successful attack. Players out of position couldnt harm the defense much. But not many people actually know that 1 player position will create a breakthrough for his team.

For example:

Bad Position

If the midfielder pass too early to the wingback, the opponent defender will mark the winger. So the attack stop at the wingback and thus could not release the winger for a devastating attack.

But if the player is smart and wait till the wingback in a good position like below:

Good Position

The defender will auto mark the incoming wingback thus leaving the winger empty. The wingback can just turn and pass easily letting the winger to be free and gone like the wind.

Although it seems to be simple but many like to pass the ball around without taking into consideration on the position. 1 simple pass with good position can destroy the entire team defense system.

So dont just pass the ball around until the end. Play beautiful football ^^

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