Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Attacking: Direction Through Passes

Through passes is a feature that was introduce in FIFA 03 or FIFA 04 if im not mistaken. In the previous version before 03 all the passes are the same. Its either you do a straight pass or a curling ball.

Now one thing nice about through passes is it is powerful. You can charge up the power and do a powerful through passes from one end to another. Plus the benefit of through passes is you can caught your opponent by surprise. Its direct powerful approach makes it suitable for fast play with fast striker.

Now there is a trick in through passes. Through passes was created in order to release the player in a running motion. Instead of the ball pass directly to the player, in through passes the ball being played to make sure the striker will run and get it leaving the defender a few pace back.

One of the trick is the through pass must be send according to the intended player's body motion. For example:

Red Arrow Indicates The Direction Where The Striker Is Facing

As you can see, the ball was pass according to the direction where the striker is facing. By doing so, the striker will auto run to get the ball and keep him in a running motion which give him space to do whatever necessary in that position.

In order to do this, must focus and observe the motion of the striker properly. 1 mistake will send the ball the wrong way and you've lost the possession.

So play beautiful football! ^^

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