Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mentality: Defend,Attack and Counter.

Defending,attacking and counter attack. This is the basic of football. A good player is a player which are good in all 3 areas. A player might be specialize in certain area for example defending or attacking but it is often those who win are those who are good in all areas.

Now from my own experience, there are more attacking players rather than defensive players. Well it is more exciting to play attacking football with all those amazing passes and dribbles but attacking players often make a mistake in defense. When ever they are defending, they always want to grab back the ball as fast as they can. They just rush out to get the ball from the opponent legs. In other words, their mind is still thinking to attack although its their time to defend.

This is what i want to share today. The mistake that most player did; wrong mentality. When its time to defend, went the ball is not with us, we must defend. Do not rush out to get the ball as fast as you want. First you make sure your defense line is in order. Only when the defense line is in place then you can think of getting the ball. What most people did is they just go out and get the ball because they are still in the attacking mentality. Because of this there are a lot of holes and make it easier for the opponent to score. So when its your turn to defend, you defend like The Great Wall Of China.

The same goes to attacking and counter attack. Most people when they get the ball they just straight away pump the ball to the striker regardless of the number of defender at the back. This is also a wrong mentality whereby counter attack means attack as swift and as fast as you can. The perfect timing to counter is when there are only 2-3 defender at the back. But most people just pass the ball to the striker although there are more than 4 at the back. Which in the end result in a failure to counter and thus giving away free possession to the opponent. If there is more than 4, build up your play slowly. If there is less, counter as swift as you can.

So it is important to understand and to have the right mentality. Although it seems simple, believe me there are many player who forgot to think of the right mentality. In the end it comes down to who has the strongest basic.

So play beautiful football ^^


momad said...

woi, whatever! I've left FIFA for my own career. and i dont care. how on earth you have that bloody chic to keep all these from me knowing it??? whatever, Ill get fifa 2009. and whatever with that WCG rules now? going crazy huh? oi2 please update me. Well, please do.

Rinie said...

oi oi u d want nvr check my fs profile. I write there terang2 u know ok..

yea get that 09 and i wont let u play2 around with me anymore!

update ape?x paham

huruhara said...

good tips...caya lah bro

Rinie said...

thx man~ cayalah on u too ^^