Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Defending: Manual Switch Player Button

Something new to FIFA 08 compare to the previous version is the ability to select any player you want during defending. You can even select the furthest player at the back even if your at your opponent half. This is the benefit of this switch button.

The switch button on keyboard is shift+Q and on gamepad its the right stick. Certain gamepad doesnt have this feature because you need to install the gamepad program 1st.

So whats the benefit of this button? Guess what, this button was design to block long ball! In the previos version long ball seems to be the move that always inflict pain in the ass. So EA has come up with a brilliant defending move which is Manual Switch Player Button.

How to use it?

1st: Select your last defender

Red: Opponent Blue: You

Then move to the back slowly as far as you can but not too far. If you saw the striker running then i suggest you start follow him as well. By doing this he wont have any free space to run forward anymore.

Dont Pressure Just Go Back

Although it seems simple but most people forgot to do this act of defense or even sometimes didnt quickly change to the last defender. Get use to it and you can block any long ball that comes into you path.

So play beautiful football ^^

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