Monday, November 17, 2008

FIFA 09: Newbie Here!

Many people ask me, what should they do in this new version? what should they practice? should they go through the level difficulty step by step or just skip and play the hardest? Usually when it comes to new version, we all always ask this type of question.

There are actually 2 ways to start on new version:

Newbie In FIFA

This method is for those who never play FIFA before. The best way to get to know the game is by going step by step through the difficulty level. Yes i know it might make u bored but this is the best way. Everytime you level up you will notice the difference in terms of attacking and defending. From here try to observe on what the AI tends to do. Usually what the AI can do you can do it too.

Experience In FIFA

For those who play FIFA 08 previously, what i personally do is to try to experiment the high efficiency move in 08 into 09. Then 1 by 1 i will research which moves/combo that is still effective and can be done in 09. By doing so you can still keep your precious style in 08 and create a new one in 09.

I have to admit that in FIFA 09 there is plenty to learn. Though its almost similar to previous version but they have improvised a lot of changes in it. So expect some unbelievable move to pop out later on.

So play beautiful football! ^^

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