Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WCG 09: Vote Or Cry!

Ever wanted play your favourite game in front of millions of people?

Do you want to be the next gaming superstar and be known by almost everyone in the world?

Do you want to be the envy of every single life cells(ok little bit exaggerate here) in the world that you are earning money just by playing games?

The 1st step to glory starts with voting!

Yup its that time again. Time to vote for your favourite game to be contested in the prestige World Cyber Games 2009.

It has been a tradition that gamers and the public are allowed to vote for which game to compete in WCG. Basically games with the most amount of vote will be selected to be the featured game for the international tournament.

Be it the old Starcraft or the new Warhammer, its up to you to decide.

The Legendary Starcraft or Brutal Warghhhhamer?

So vote now! Or cry like a little girl cause you deserve it for not voting.

Click here to vote now!

Source: www.wcg.com

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