Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I, Rinie "Si_Jali" Ramli Resign From W|nDs Clan

First of all I would like to say thanks to Allah SWT for giving me this opportunity to live up my dream through W|nDs. Also would like to say thanks to Nigel who invite me, guiding me, and giving me advice in the competitive gaming scene. Not to forget my fellow W|nDs mate who has been through a lot together in joy and sadness. All of you guys are truly the best and will always have a place in my heart.

My departure from W|nDs was not a decision I made in just a few weeks. It wasn’t an easy decision for me as well. There were too many memories in W|nDs that I cherished and will never forget. But the decision I made was base on my analysis of the current situation undergoing in my life, in W|nDs and in the gaming community as well. I am attach to many responsibilities and I feel that its time for me to move on and experience new adventure that patiently awaits me. With great power comes great responsibility. I owe a lot to the community and its time for me to do my part.

Will my departure be good or bad to me? Would it affect W|nDs and the FIFA community? I don’t know. There are many things I myself couldn’t answer but all I know is even with my departure judging from the history of both W|nDs and the FIFA community, things are always gonna look positive even if the odds are not that good. History proved itself that no matter what happen, the FIFA community will always grow.

Although I resign from W|nDs, that doesn’t mean im going to stop competing. I will still compete to achieve my dream as the no.1 FIFA gamer in the world. That I can promise you. Will I create my own clan or remain independent? Only time will tell. But I’m interested to continue my youth project outside of W|nDs. And of course if there is a very very good offer like million gazillions dollars joining other clan then why not. Remember, only million gazillions dollars ok. LOL

It is not easy for me to write this. The thought of resigning are too hard for my small brain to handle. At times my hand stun and my legs numb. I feel like im floating in the air. And I don’t know where this would lead me. But I always believe in following my heart.

My resignation was not influence by certain people or has not been thought carefully. The decision was solely my own decision. I believe many of you guys know that im the type which always make my own decision.

I wish everyone all the best in the future. It was an amazing adventure and a journey which I will tell my children and my grand children and my grand grand children. (if i live that long of course or if I ever get married).

From now on, I, Rinie “Si_Jali” Ramli resign from any position in the management of W|nDs as well as a member of W|nDs.



My Achievement With W|nDs:

CEL Games 2rd Runner up
WCG Malaysia 1st Runner up
WCG World Grand Final Top 4

WCG Asia Champion
WCG Malaysia No.4

CEL Games Champion
WCG Malaysia Champion
CGS Malaysia Top 16
WGT Malaysia 1st runner up

CGS Malaysia Champion
CGS Pan Asian Top 4
WCG Kick Off Malaysia Champion
WCG Asia Champion
WCG Malaysia Top 32
Intel Malaysia PC Gaming Showdown Champion
Intel Asia PC Gaming Showdown Champion


snaake said...

Hi Si_Jali,
Although you ve resigned from W|nDs, hope you will not stop writing blogs :)

aRrOyOs said...

good luck in ur future path si_jali! :D

TPK said...

What should I say, I am totally shocked with this development. However, since you're already established in this scene, I know that you have made the decision that you think best for you.

Anyway Si_Jali, hope that you can pursue your dreams in the future, and I hope that I can have a FIFA match against you before you retire.. xD

All the best! xD

Anonymous said...

ur the best jali!!
beside ur impressive result in the gaming scene, u also tried to promote malaysia gaming youth to the world...unlike most top gamers tat only tried to win trophy just for their own....tats wat make me admire u alot!!

goodluck to u in the future man!

Rinie said...

thanks for the wishes ^^

anyway i never intend to stop The FIFA Blog project.

i jst posted a new tips bout FIFA 09 so go check it out ^^

Mr Lonely said...

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