Monday, June 30, 2008

Attacking: Running

It is very important to know how and when to control your players to run. If you want to attack, you need people to run up for offensive measure. We all know the importance of making runs when we saw last night match between Spain vs Germany.

Now im going to share the direction to make your players run. There are 2 direction which is direct and indirect.


Direct means you point your movement key base on where the position of the players that you want to run. For example:

So by actually pointing towards the midfielder and the winger, they will start to run into their respective position. This is what most of us always do.


For indirect, instead of pressing the run button which is Q on keyboard for indirect you press Q to the direction of the outside line. For example,

If you press Q once, the winger will be running first. But if you press Q twice, the winger and striker will run too. So this is indirect Q.

This are the 2 common direction that can be use to control your players to run nicely. Try experiment with it to get the right timing for your own play ^^


huruhara said...

so if possesion of the ball ( using gamepad )press 5 the striker will move forward right..?>

Rinie said...

yup if u using logitech gamepad.

certain gamepad have different button so u can check this at the control menu.