Saturday, May 10, 2008

Allergy To Dust + Cold

Hi guys. This couple of days after coming back from China i was pretty ill. I thought by taking some medication it might gone off soon. But until now it has turn to worst. Even my face was a little bit swollen. I went to see the doc today and he told me that i had an allergy attack in my nose which cause inflammation inside. It was pretty a shocking news since i've never had an allergy before.

It seems that it was because of the combination of dust + cold. You only can get this in China. Its pretty amusing i must say but heck when it happen, it happens.

So im going to take a few days off to get myself back to normal. I'll definitely continue The FIFA Blog once im A-OK!

C ya and take care! ^^


A13x said...

Eh i wanna know what sickness are you having. Stuffed nose?

Rinie said...

Allergic to cold and dust resulting in stuff nose,stuff throat and cough and fever and headache and extreme awareness of beautiful girls around me.

So doc help me! ^^

m00tsumi said...

how come u never aware of the "beautiful" and uber "cute" me?
i r sad T_T

A13x said...

Damn i'm also allergic to the so-called DUST + COLD = STUFFED NOSE

I've always been wondering why i had a stuffed nose whenever im in my room after the air cond is on...but just recently i've stopped having stuffed nose...sigh dunno la but it's irritating

Mr. Star said...

Have a good rest man. We all are praying for your health to be better soon.

Rinie said...


ur prob very simple..
clean up ur room n ur ac..
its avoidable with a lil bit of work..


for some reason my spider sense never tingles whenever ur around


Rinie said...

Thx ^^

huruhara said...

get well soon bro, salamm..,