Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Basic Is Important

One of the thing i've learn thru my experience in CGS is how important your basic is. Although players from Aus and Dubai were not that good but they have a very good basic and understanding of the game. So they manage to minimize the losses because the gap of skills were not that far.

The same with playing experience players such as Korea and China, although everyone have their own style of play, in the end all comes down to who have the stronger foundation in knowledge. Usually most of the time in such a match, each player will cancel out each other. So it will come down to which player has more knowledge than the other.

Im a big fan of Slam Dunk by Takehiko Inoue. The captain of Shohoku, Akagi Takenori always said this to Sakuragi:

" Basic is very important. In the game its not about doing slam dunk. Its about which player have the stronger basic foundation than the other. Because the game doesnt revolve around 1 thing. It involves everything."

So how do we train our basic?One of the way to train your basic is doing drills.

"What is drills? Drills means practicing a specific set of skill and keep on repeating it for a period of time."

eg: Practice on shooting ONLY for 3 hours or practice on passing ONLY for 3 hours.

Instead of training a normal match where you play against each other, you spend your time practicing ONLY on shooting,passing,crossing etc etc. Just like how normal footballers practice their shooting and passing, the same thing goes into FIFA as well. Focus on a single skill until you are satisfied with the result.

Although it may seems boring, but believe me the end result is worth it. This is how i discovered a lot of amazing skills in the game. And i believe you will discover it too ^^

was known for his amazing accuracy in crossing and free kick. Why? Because when he was young everyday he do DRILLS. ^^

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