Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WCG Kick Off 08 Lucky Draw

As you may or may not know, this coming Friday 30th May 2008 at Lowyat Plaza, WCG Malaysia will start its kick-off event. And at the same time, they have decided to include the qualifier for WCG Asia as well that will be held this year in Singapore for the 3rd consecutive time.

The games involve are:

1. FIFA 08
2. NFS Pro Street

Now what is really interesting is this is the 1st time Malaysia held a qualifier for WCG Asia 08. Previously they will pick the last year champion to represent Malaysia.

Another interesting fact is the registration process. For the 1st time in Malaysia gaming history i believe, all the participant will be able to register but they will be doing balloting. What is balloting? It means they will do a lucky draw infront of everyone and participants who were lucky will be getting the spot. They will keep on doing the lucky draw until the slot is finish.

IMO such prestige competition should not introduce such registration method. The purpose of doing a qualifier is to find the best to represent the country. If participation is base on luck, im afraid that some of the best gamer in our country could not get a spot in the qualifier.

Although everyone agree that luck is one of the factor that contribute to a person' success, but there was a research conducted by some western universities(i forgot.sorry!) that shows that luck was not the main reason why a person is successful. Most of the time it was hardwork,dedication,passion and discipline.

Is luck the factor the organizer are looking for in gamers? Im not sure. But what im sure is that this registration method would not follow the objective of the qualifier which is to find the best gamer in the country.

I hope that the organizer will come up with a better method to fulfill the objective of the qualifier not just to find the best gamer in the country, but as well to create and maintaining the healthy competitiveness that most of the gamers have enjoyed in the gaming scene in Malaysia ^^

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