Thursday, May 15, 2008

Invitation to Computex Abit 2008

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Abit to represent Malaysia to their event in Taipei,Taiwan which is Computex 2008. For those who might not know, Computex is the 2nd largest IT event in the world and the largest in Asia. Its kinda cool i might say and its an honor to be invited in this prestige event.

Here are the press release by Abit:


May 6th, 2008 – Asia's biggest IT trade show, Computex in Taipei, Taiwan, is around the corner once again. This year's Computex 2008 will be held from June 3rd through June 7th and will be bigger and more exciting than ever. Universal ABIT will showcase the latest flagship products of their traditional motherboard line, and in addition, dedicate a huge amount of exhibition space to their growing line of consumer electronics, most outstanding being the FunFab digital photo frame printer series and upcoming mobile internet devices (MID). Professional solutions such as POS and security products will also be on display. A variety of shows will cheer up the atmosphere and let visitors inhale a truly digital lifestyle. So make sure you stop by at abit's booth M312 in the brand new Nangang Exhibition Hall Upper Floor!

Top Gamers from the Eastabit@XcN
This year, abit will present you the Number One players from Malaysia and Indonesia.

XcN team from Indonesia built their well-known reputation on both CS and DotA games. Their track records include winning 1st place in CS at the WCG Indonesia qualifier 2006 and at the ESWC Indonesia qualifier 1st place and champions in DotA at the WCG and GXL in Singapore in 2007.

In addition, the two Malaysian top gamers FoRza (Sophian Shahirul) and Si_Jali (Rinie Bin Ramli) will be present. FoRza won the NFS Championship of the WCG Malaysia National Final in a row from 2006 to 2007 and is the champion of EA Play 2008 Singapore. Si_Jali is famous for the FIFA Soccer Series, and also has been Champion in the WCG from 2006 to 2007.

For more info can login into their website here :


Also being reviewed by Multiplay:


Hardware manufacturer, Abit recently announced that they are going to bring two of top gamers from Malaysia to the upcoming COMPUTEX Taipei 2008, the biggest IT trade show in Asia. The two gamers are local Need For Speed champ, FoRza and FIFA champ, [W|nDs]Si_Jali. Together with them also is the Abit-sponsored XcN from Indonesia, one of the top DoTA team in Asia .

Judging from the press release, the players most probably will showcasing their talents together with abit’s products at the event. It is cool to see Malaysian gamers are getting noticed commercially at international level. Wonder what’s next… :mrgreen:



Last year, they have invited Team Dignitas to participate in this event as well. So this year its our turn to make Malaysia and the whole Asia proud.Its a sign of recognition by other country of our gaming achievement internationally. I will be going there this early June right after WCG Kick-Off.

I believe that this is the 1st step for us to show the potential of our gaming community. So come on guys! Let show the world who we are! Get your gaming gear and start training! Malaysia Boleh!! ^^

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