Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Review: CGS Pan Asian Final 08 In Wuhan, China

Sorry for the late update. I've just reach KL on Monday night and now recovering from a very bad fever due to cough and flu. I was suppose to take a day rest but i dont feel like taking the rest either. So here it goes! Review of the CGS Pan Asian Final 08 thru the eyes of a FIFA gamer!

1st Day: Arrival Of All Franchise

On the 1st day we arrived there, i've to say Wuhan is a very beautiful place. It looks like the city is pretty well organized in terms of building placement. There were a lot of cars, scooters and bicycles around. We were staying in a 5 star hotel (woohoo!) called Xiongchu International Hotel. The room was very nice included with an LCD TV! They also have ESPN! The buffet was not bad either but too bad most of it is not halal.

2nd Day: Briefing Day

On the 2nd day we went to the competition arena. Man its unbelievable! Imagine a stadium just for gaming competition. Although it was still under construction but it is still amazing. So the whole day we were listening for the briefing and the procedure of CGS. It wasnt that hard since i am used to smile all the time. Haha~ But 1 thing i dont like is the commentator Alvin (yup the one from Channel V) called my name wrongly. He goes like " From KL Taufan, its Jellyfish!". WHAT THE FISH!! Its Si_Jali dude! Then the producer cut and go again. This time he said " From KL Taufan, its Si_Jelly!" And the producer cut again and said " Its Jali man Jali! Cant you read?" . OMG even the producer an english man can pronounce it right. LOL

3rd Day: Match Day

3rd Day is the match day. Man everyone was pretty serious on that day because we really really want to win against Dubai. And we wanna prove that we are not the weakest franchise in the tourney. The 1st game line up was FIFA. Not knowing how Shark play, i've just stick to my normal play. From the match i can see that his wasnt a good player. His basic was strong but his attack is weak. So the match ended up me winning 3-0. Quite an impressive start and a morale booster to the team as well. In the end, we all won the match vs Dubai with an impressive score.

4th Day: Pressuring Day

4th day is a very tiring day. We are gonna play against 2 strong franchise which is Sydney and Seoul. Sydney has just won against Singapore and Wuhan and they are very strong. Seoul have a strong DOA and FIFA line up. Its going to be a tough match. I couldnt remember the line up of the game but FIFA was the 2nd last match and KL Taufan were down by 10-15 points. So its pretty hard to catch up now. Haroutig10 also have a strong basic and he is very deadly in the box. But he cannot defend against long ball so i exploit his defense with that. I was leading by 2-0. Then suddenly during the goal kick, my GK suppose to pass to the nearest defender but in the end he pass to the striker! With an open goal he scored. Ahh what a waste. The commentator (Alvin again) goes like "That is the most beautiful goal i've ever seen in my life". In the end, we lost to Sydney. The 2nd match was between KL & Seoul. Their DOA & FIFA is very strong. They have never lost a single match in this game yet. Seoul FIFA player, Unlimited is well known in Korea. He execute his move perfectly. Any mistake will be punish by him. He uses Spain with 433. 1st half he really put pressure to my def. Until suddenly he did a long ball and my GK rush out... but he do nothing! When the ball was near, he just stand there and let the striker score. Ahh another free goal for goalie dumbness. His 2nd goal also came from a lob and my def was nowhere to be found. He was lucky but nevertheless sometime you need luck to win. 2nd half i manage to minimize my mistake and got a goal. The match ended 1-2. KL also lost to Seoul in the end.

5th Day: Public Enemy No.1

5th day is against the home ground team, Wuhan. Now we are public enemy no.1 FIFA playing the 3rd game. KL lost to Wuhan in Forza by 1-6 but get back point in DOA F with 5-2. Looking that we still in fight, i go into the match with immense pressure... but the match was very weird! All of his 4 goals came from the same previous mistake, GK mistakes! Many times the GK rush out and do nothing. Even my attacking force was unlucky. 3 times i had an open goal where the ball either hit my own player, or hit the bar or offside. Aihh talk about string of bad luck man. In the end i lost 1-4. It was my 1st game in my life that such thing happened.

6th Day: Redeem and Revenge

6th day is the last day. Today we MUST beat Singapore to qualify for the semi. Although Tetra wasnt there anymore, we know that we cant look down on them. FIFA was the 2nd last match playing with my friend and clanmate Xtreme. I know that its gonna be a tough game since we both know each other very well. He score the 1st goal thru a rebound corner which i believe was an offside but i keep my calm and play like usuall. I manage to get a corner and took it fast and short which caught him by surprise. I launch a cross and Viera jump high and head it in! Oh yeah nice one baldy! The match ended 1-1 and goes into penalty. During the penalty shoot-out, i let him score the 1st 3 goals to read his movement, then i saw that there is a pattern in the way he took the penalty. On the 6th shot, im guessing his gonna shoot to the left and... he did! I saved it and won the penalty shoot out by 6-5. So thats why in the scoreboard it shows 6-5. Its not because its a high scoring game but its because of penalty shoot out. LOL.

We manage to beat Singapore and went into the Semi. Again we are going to meet Sydney which had never lost a single match against any franchise. We are hoping to get our revenge especially for me since he manage to get a free goal. FIFA was the 1st game and it was intense. Again i exploit his defense and manage to score 2 goals. It could have been 3-4 goals but too bad i miss a few changes. In the end i won 2-0. Hah no free goal for you again! LOL. But too bad the other games just could not manage to perform well especially DOA. So we ended up being the top 4 team with Sydney, Wuhan and Seoul.


Well through out the tourney, i gain a lot of valuable experience. I found out that handling pressure was very important in CGS. The pressure was so high mainly because we wanna win as many point as possible and cover up the losses. So its pretty hard. There were many times in my mind thinking of scoring 10 goals to help the team.. but its too much to ask. Playing against Sydney, Wuhan and Seoul was really pressuring for me because i've to help the team to cover up the point. But in the end it affected my game and i lost the match against Seoul & Wuhan.

After the Wuhan match i know that i've to confront myself and fight this pressure away. I went back to the hotel and took a bath. I clear my mind and ignore all those unwanted pressure. And started to think about the things that i like to do while playing FIFA. Against Singapore and Sydney, i played with a new mentality & it works! Now i've understand that no matter how bad things look, in the end its all about having fun. But too bad i realize this too late. It felt silly when i've been playing for 6 years and i forgot the most important thing about gaming, which is to have fun!

Overall, CGS has teach me a lot and make me a better player. I hope that i can join CGS again for next season and get my revenge! Watch out Unlimited and Skyline! Haha lastly i would like to thank all the KL Taufan members & CGS for giving me this opportunity to participate in such an exciting tournament. Hope to see you all next season! ^^

Pics will be upload once i've got it from my frens. So stay tune! ^^


Rei said...

Change ur nick..haha!!What a joke by the!!Btw..he is sarcastic man..=.=...

Rinie said...

i think thts the requirement to be a commentator~ ^^

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Rinie said...

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thx for the welcoming guys ^^

still waiting for my fren to upload his pics. Hope you all will wait for awhile ya ^^

p-co0t said...

hhhm,wanna ask..use what joypad ah?

Rinie said...

Hi p-co0t.

Well you can use any gamepad as u like but we highly recommended Logitech Rumblepad 2 since its more user frenly and recommended by EA itself.

A13x said...

Hey we should stop promoting Rumblepad to other people since Logitech did not want to sponsor us! >(


m00tsumi said...

im still thinking to use either rumblepad or xbox360 controller for tournaments this year
keyboard still wins for trackmania though :p
but dont mine me, i dont play fifa xD

Rinie said...

lol personal issue aside i still prefer Logitech.

p-co0t said...

as u know,the location of left stick for rumblepad 2 n Xbox360 are different..for u lah,which one is more comfortable n lesser slip when handling it?