Monday, May 26, 2008

Match Stats

I believe some of us have the habit to check the match stats after the match just to get a clear view of how the game is. Who has more possession? Who has been shooting a lot? And etc etc.

I personally dont really care about the match stats because i dont believe in numbers. Numbers dont tell me how the game goes. In real life the match doesnt play on paper.

But recently i've just notice something. Usually the winner of the game has a better:

1. Passing Accuracy
2. Shooting Accuracy

I dont know was it only coincidence but after i've done a few research on my own on other gamers as well, my hypothesis was correct! Usually most of the people only check at the possession percentage but in the end it doesnt really matter who have the ball more. That explain a lot if my theory is right.

So in other words, if you wanna beat your opponent, you must have better passes and better accuracy in shooting.

There are some matches where i found out that the loser has a better passing accuracy than the winner but his shooting accuracy is not good. So he could have won the match if his finishing is better. This prove that both must exist together.

So from now on why dont you guys try this yourself? Everytime right after the match, check the match stats. If my theory is true, then you should know what to do. ^^

Oh do tell me does it work or not. This might be an exciting discovery i might say ^^


jennyto said...

i think u shud do a FIFA-based trial like we do critical appraisal for evidence-based medicine. LOL.

so u cud see if the likehood ratio is big enough to support your hypothesis and applicable to life.

haha. post-CRP-xm mode.

glad u dont have to go thru dat eh rinie?

Rinie said...

err i still do my own research ok..

walaupun bukan doc lagi tapi brain tetap brain doc.


A13x said...

I definitely disagree with you saying looking at the match stats won't help. Since last time, i've always check the match stats. Of course you can't say the player who has the most possession is definitely the winner. But in order to review yourself, it's good to see your average long balls, through balls, short passes and shot accuracy.

By looking at those numbers, you will know roughly what kind of player are you, as well as knowing what type of player is your opponent. Once you know your average numbers, you will want to stick to the numbers because if they dropped, that can show you are playing a different game than usual and obviously you're not playing at your max.

If the passing and shooting accuracies are high, that show you're really good at finding players to pass and also good in finishing and these 2 are the most important in FIFA08 if you want to win. Haha this is not a new discovery but had already been discovered long time ago =P

Anonymous said...

agree with alex.. :)

Rinie said...

err a13x if u read my article properly i said earlier i dont believe in it.

But now after this discovery i know how important it is to check it often.

It might not be new to certain ppl but not many realize how important it is.

Let say you were down by 2-3 goals. How do you turn the game around? By having a better passing accuracy and shooting accuracy.

Now why i said that its interesting is bcoz its wat the game engine in FIFA favor off. If you dont play by what the game engine favor of, its hard to win.

Plus many ppl think that FIFA is all about long ball,fast players and etc etc. So many ppl who play FIFA who have this type of perception will just play 1 type skills and neglect the rest. Having this discovery brought up, it is clear that FIFA is not just about that. It is still base on the basic of football.

Wah this few days i like to write karangan liao. Must stop now. lol

Anyway what i found out is just basic. But many ppl are not clear about this. So im showing them the concept and the prove. I hope that it does work for the rest and help improve your game as well ^^

A13x said...

Haha your reply can already serve as another blog =P

I'm gonna meet you in the Final this Friday! Hahaha...wish me luck please XD

Rinie said...

ooo u definitely need luck..

especially for the reg.

lol ^^