Thursday, May 29, 2008

WCG Kick Off Lucky Draw... NOT!

Good news! The registration method has been changed back again to 1st come 1st serve basis. After receiving a lot of feedback and suggestion by gamers, the organizers decided to change it back again to 1st come 1st serve. Thank you In2 Marketing Sdn Bhd for the effort.

Now since its back to normal, everyone have to fight for the spot now. Luck will still play its role but its still minimal. Are we going to see gamers camping out early near Lowyat for the event? Are we going to see gamers fighting for the que? We shall see tomorrow.

Whatever it is, i wish everyone all the best for tomorrow. Let us make this happen. Let us turn WCG Kick-Off into a very happening and exciting event. Never give up and never surrender to get the chances representing Malaysia to WCG Asia 08 in Singapore. Last word, "Majulah E-Sukan Untuk Kami & Negara" ^^

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