Monday, April 28, 2008

CGS Pan Asian Final 2008 Wuhan China

Hi guys. I will be going to China representing KL Taufan for Championship Gaming Series Pan Asian Final 2008. So i'll try my best to update our progress there and will also try my best to upload some pics so that we can share together with everyone our experience there.

My jersey:

Front: KL Taufan

Back: My nickname and my number. Woaa number 10!

Haha sorry for the bad quality of the pic. Kinda rushing things out rite now making sure everything done last minute. Summore did you guys know that they have given me wrong size shirt? My size is M but they mistakenly made it XL. I look like a hip hop artist without the bling-bling yet. LOL so wish us luck ok~ KL Taufan will try our best to make Malaysia proud ^^


Anonymous said...

gud luck bro, MALAYSIA BOLEH..!!

BigBoss said...

GL and HF!!!!Make our clan and country proud.^^qzumlr

huruhara said...

n dont forget to upload pics bro..

jennyto said...

huu rinie gi china!!!!!

go go gewd luck!!!

buat kami *kami?* bangge!!