Sunday, June 1, 2008

WCG Kick Off 08 FIFA Result

After a gruel-ling 2 days battle at Lowyat Plaza, here are the top 4:

1. [W|nDs] Vin
2. [W|nDs] A13x
3. [W|nDs] Loonatic
4. [MyFES] Warrior

On the 2nd day, the semi final commence. The results are:

[W|nDs] Vin beat [MyFES] Warrior
[W|nDs] Loonatic beat [W|nDs] A13x

Then for the finals it was a very exciting match. In the 1st game Loonatic was leading 2-0. With an advantage goals he came into the 2nd game stronger and manage to get a goal in the 1st half to make it harder for Vin . But in the 2nd half Vin change his formation to 4-3-3 and started to destroy Loonatic defence. In the end Vin made a complete comeback by winning 4-1. So Vin will be playing Si_Jali for the title defense.

In the title defense match, it was a very tight game. Both player were using Barcelona. It seems that the game is base on who does the 1st mistake for each gamer are playing with almost an equal skill level. Suddenly Si_Jali manage to counter and pass the ball to his striker. The striker was obviously could not go into the box because he was not in a good position to go for a 1 on 1 chance. So he waited and run up to the corner flag and did a cross into the box. It seems that there were no one in the box.. but suddenly Henry was running from outside the box and manage to get into the box just went the ball arrive... and head it in! The 1st game ended with Si_Jali leading by 1 goal advantage.

The 2nd game commence and it was still pretty tight. It seems that both are pretty good in defending and canceling out each other. But during the attack, Vin manage to get the ball but being under pressure Si_Jali manage to grab the ball back and from a tight angle tried to do a fast volley near the post.. the ball was so powerful that it look like it went over the bar.. but it went in instead! Lucky Si_Jali again. But Vin retaliate very fast launching a nice counter ball to set his striker free ruining Si_Jali defense and launch a quick low cross to another striker to score. A great respond to make a comeback. 1- 1 now. The game was still as intense as it was earlier. Both are still canceling out each other. In the end, Si_Jali won the game by an aggregate of 2-1.

So this mean that Si_Jali will be representing Malaysia again to Singapore for the World Cyber Games Asia 2008. It was such a great tournament and it was good experience for everyone who joined the tournament. Hope that everyone will keep on supporting the local FIFA scene as well.

Last word, Majulah E-Sukan Untuk Kami Dan Negara! ^^


Anonymous said...

BPWX : Eh, you use Barcelona? I thought you were a loyal Chelsea user? ^^ Anywayz, congrats on retaining your title! Good luck in the Asian WCG yea! Make Malaysia proud!!

jennyto said...

so kamu akan ke Singapore pula?