Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Attacking: Manual Crossing

Previously i have write an article about Crossing in the February 2008 list. Now since for competition purpose the crossing has been set to manual. Although its not auto anymore, it still apply the same rules which is:

"When we wanna do crosses, it always follow 3 simple rules: "

a. The position of the striker
b. The direction of the cross
c. The power of the cross

eg: A striker is running towards the far post,(position) so its best if we can target the ball infront of him (direction). The power should be more than 50% of the bar(power).

Now for manual cross, the direction is very important, normally in this position, the direction should be 90 degree straight up:

If your winger is not in the same angle as as your striker, for example a little bit infront of him, then aim the cross a little bit to the back around 80 degree to the left. Since the crossing is in manual now, those who are using gamepad have more advantage in getting the angle right. But nevertheless keyboard players can also do nice crosses because sometimes the game engine will help to adjust the angle by itself. So no worries.

If you find that getting the angle is hard, one of my trick that i always do is when ever you've done a cross be it successful or not, always look back at your finger, see if the angle is right or wrong. From there you adjust it slowly. Always apply the Trial and Error principle.

So happy crossing! This tip is dedicated to yhwong and all The FIFA Blog readers who love to cross as well ^^.


huruhara said...


Rinie said...

Thx man.

Hope that this article can help you a lot as well ^^

BigBoss said...

Ur crossing methods is defenitely different than mine.For example,i nvr care about the position of the stiker.If hes a little bit infront of me,I just cross in 90 degree angle and let the player come to the ball.This method should score at least 30% of the time.However,if the player is a little bit behind me,that should be much better bcause he can run and get a fast and acurate header.This header is gonna score at least 35%of the time.

Rinie said...

Good thing you ask.The tips im giving on this article is about direct cross.

Your cross is early cross. Thus a different way to do it.

Both have it advantages and disadvantages which i will explain more later on ^^

bigboss said...

Wat do u mean early cross?My cross is as same position as ur drawing,just that my methods doesnt need to look out for the position of the player.Instead,the cross need to be the right distance from the keeper and the striker should be controlled to overcome the defender.

Rinie said...

It mean its an indirect cross.

An indirect cross is a cross where the striker need to run to get the ball. The important thing here is to get the striker to react to get the ball. So the ball cannot be cross too far away from the striker .

A direct cross is when the ball need to be delivered base on the striker position. Normally striker need to wait for the ball to come to him.

Thats why your cross is not base on the position, but base on the distance of the cross between the GK and striker. And you need the speed of the ball to be very fast because dont want the GK to catch it. If its nearer to the GK then the GK will catch it before the striker head it. But sometime fast striker can cut the GK before he catch it.

wongth7 said...

for me..i just close my eye and tab A...tats y i neva improve..LOL

FIFA Tutorial said...

Do you have update for FIFA 13?