Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool

I think since its April Fool why not i share a trick on how to fool your opponent in FIFA.


In order to do this you must know where is your strength is. If you like to play thru the wing obviously you are pretty good in crossing. So most of the time your goals come from crossing.

When you score a goal or 2 from crossing, your opponent will start to be aware of your strength. Naturally he will tighten his def in that area of the field thus making you a little bit more harder than before.

So now that you've know that he has tighten his def, should you keep on doing the same thing? Of course not. But usually people realize this too late. They tried a few times attacking at the same place and feel that its getting harder, only then they change their tactics. Or even sometimes they dont realize and just keep on attacking the area blindly. Usually its too late or too early to do it.

But the trick to do this is not when your opponent starting to def that area. You must change your tactic even before he start defending the area. You need to anticipate your opponent's movement.

Let say you start your attack thru the left flank, you can see or feel that your opponent will start to get aware of your tactic. So instead of doing the normal thing why not you change your course of attack thru the mid or the right flank? Once you change the course of your attack, your opponent will definitely start to panic and you can start go thru their hole in the def. Thus creating a panic rush to your opponent everytime you attack.

So the concept is:

"Do your thing and change it before they anticipate"

Although its easy to understand the concept, but its require a lot of practice.

Thru practice you will develop your sixth sense to know when is the correct timing to do so. ^^

With this tactic you can fool your opponent not just on April Fool but any month of the year ^^

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