Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Make Your Own Combo

Today im going to share to you how to do combo moves with a very basic and simple way. Its so simple that a 5 year old boy can even try.

All you need is:

  1. A piece of paper
  2. A pencil or colour pencil.

Ok now draw the desired formation that you wanna used. Let us use 442 as an example. Draw 442 formation on paper like the picture below:

This is the basic 442 formation. Now the 2nd part is to choose from where you wanna attack. Let say you like to attack through the wing. So we start the attack from the wing back. Then imagine how are you going to release a cross to your striker. Obviously you need your winger to be free in order to do that. So we try to create some movement which will release the winger:

*** Instruction:

  1. With your wingback make the winger run by pressing Q (the default run button)
  2. Then pass to your midfielder.
  3. When your winger almost run pass the opponent defender pass to your striker.
  4. With a 1 touch pass straight away pass to your winger again once he is free.
  5. Then time your far post striker and cross into the box.


Remember this is still on paper. Meaning in theory it would work. Now the 3rd step is to test it against CPU. From here on you will know how to use this combo and alter a little bit here and there to make it more perfect. So must do a little bit experiment with CPU and human players as well.

So to sum it up:

  1. Draw the desire formation you wanna use.
  2. Draw the desire area you wanna attack.
  3. Test it with CPU and human players.

See isnt it simple? The combo that i just showed you was one of the combo i used to win in WCG Asia 06 and im still using it now. Although its very simple but its deadly.

So start picking up your drawing tools and get in touch with your artistic and creative side ^^

Forgive my drawing. Im not good in expressing my emotion in a piece of paper ^^

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