Thursday, April 10, 2008

Physical Preparation

The physical preparation consist mainly on your physical well being. Your health, your fitness, your tolerance to the cold and also gaming skills. Now why do i put gaming skills here instead in the mental part? I'll explain later once i go through all the part.

A. Health

Health is vital. You dont wanna play when every few minutes you gonna sneeze or cough. Or even having a cracking headache every now and then. Or the worst for me is the stomach forcing you to go to the "bank" every hour. This one is very hard to sustain.

Myself when i 1st join WCG 03 i had a cold fever. Maybe because im nervous or what im not sure. For some reason i feel the cold help me to focus more in my game. But the headache just killing me. It is not a nice feeling. And i lost because i couldnt take it anymore with the headache. So make sure you stay healthy before the game.

B. Fitness

One of the example of fitness is when you play with an empty stomach. It is cruel believe me. When i play during CGS 07 it was the fasting month. The only thing in my mind was food. Nothing else. With lots of drama and issue during the tourney i started to lost focus. In the end i was just hoping to eat at least. So fitness is something like your focus or concentration of your body to endure abnormal condition.

C. Gaming Skills

Ok now why do i put gaming skills in the physical part? The only way to obtain gaming skills is to practice. With no practice you will never get the finger feeling skills anymore.

For example the last few weeks i didnt touch FIFA at all because i was pretty busy with my business. Then i started to play FIFA again. In my mind i was thinking about doing a low cross. But when it comes to my hand, in the end it ended up with a normal high cross. It is pretty weird that your hand is not doing what your mind asking you to do. In the end i couldnt do those amazing moves that i normally do although it was in my head.

So you see the gaming skills fall down in the physical part because it require practice. Without practice you dont have the practical training for your finger.

4. Tolerance to cold

Me personally i can only tolerate coldness into a certain extend. This cold thing is very dangerous. It can actually numb your finger and you wont feel anything when you press. So in the end you wont have the skills feeling anymore. I really dont like to play in cold places because my finger could not react as fast as it should. In the end i'll definitely miss those easy to score chances just because my finger get numb.

So we must get ready with all of this 4 condition in order to make sure we will stay in the optimum competitive state. I will continue tomorrow with the mental part. So stay tune! ^^

I always wear a jacket to any tourney and i think everyone should too. Now im thinking maybe i should wear a glove or not. ^^


wongth7 said...

wnext time u play with me u wear motocycle glove can ar?...those thick thick wan...when press ur gamepad wont have feeling wan..then instead of shooting..u pass the ball to me...HAHAHAH

Rinie said...

lol i might make a hole near the mid of the finger just to let that area free to touch the key ^^

jennyto said... mende2 ni pon byk preparation die ek..

meh bg anda surgical glove yg melambak ni nak..

Rinie said...

surgical glove licin woo...

hmm tapi blh gak test.. nanti akan ku cuba..

thx for the idea ^^