Thursday, April 24, 2008

Attacking: Scoring

Basically when it comes to scoring, there are 3 things we need to be aware off which is:

  1. The distance between the striker and GK.
  2. The angle of the shot.
  3. The power of the shot.


This is a very nice position to score. Usually the nice distance between the GK should be around 2-3 fingers distance. In this position as well it is best if you target the far post since its not well guarded compare to the near post. So the angle should be 250' with 60-70% shot power. If you can get it right the chances to score is nearly 95%.

This is in assumption that the GK didnt come out from the post. What about if the GK rush out? The same rules still apply but never release the ball too early or too late. Always wait for the right distance which is 2-3 fingers distance. You must anticipate and wait for the right distance only then can you load up your shot.

So no matter how the situation is, in the end the 3 simple basic rules still applies. So practice more on getting the rules right. Once you understand the rules, no matter in what position you can definitely improve your finishing ^^


huruhara said...

bro, i'm using rumble pad, to score as illustrated need to press # 3+ # 5 or # 3 + # 8..?

Rinie said...

if as illustrated for me i just do a normal shot because its more powerful compare to finesse.

you can try finesse shot as well because its more accurate but it have less power.

and in tht position the space to do a lob shot is too near already.

so you can try to do normal shot and finesse shot. see which work the best for you ^^

Anonymous said...

You talked about the angle, 270* etc, how do u set the angle? The arrow keys?

Like number of times u tap the arrow keys as u shoot?

Rinie said...

for keyboard there are only 4 direction which is left,right,up and down and extra combination key such as left or right up and left or right down.

so if you wanna aim for 270' then for keyboard u aim down.

although keyboard have limited range of angle but dont worry the game engine will auto help adjust the angle for you.

Its consider an advantage compare to gamepad which all the angle is manually targeted.