Friday, April 18, 2008

Morning, Afternoon or Night?

In order for The FIFA Blog to help all the readers here, first we need to know what do all The FIFA Blog readers want. This is to ensure that The FIFA Blog can actually improve the way it is representing itself.

So i would like to ask a few question:

1. What is the time you USUALLY read the tips here at The FIFA Blog?

2. What is the time you PREFER to read the tips? Izzit when you just woke up in the morning, or during lunch or maybe after you finish all your activities at nite?

3. Any suggestion with the time? Maybe you want to have 2 tips in a day? or maybe you feel that there is too much rite now and i should slow down?

As many of you guys know, i always publish the post usually in late afternoon or night usually after i finish with my daily routine as well. But i would like to know would it be convenient if it were publish in a better slot of time. So i would like to hear your thought as well.

Help us to improve The FIFA Blog. And The FIFA Blog will help you ^^

1 comment:

Rei said...

Anytime will be ok for me!!=)