Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Training Tips: Work Your Weak Point

Everyday we practice. Some train maybe 1 hours others might train for 4 hours. But no matter how long we practice, if we never know how to train properly, all the hard work will be wasted.

In order to improve at a faster speed, 1st we need to know where our weakness lie. If we just practice like a normal match without any objective, it is useless. Many people neglect such thing. When they touch the keyboard or gamepad, they just play. And the only thing in their mind is to score goals. Although its a good motivation but the rate of which they improve their game will be slower compare to those who work on their weak point.

Here is a step by step guide:

1st. Identify Your Weakness

Before you do anything, find out 1st where do you feel your weakness is. Weakness can be divided into 3 section:

  1. Attacking
  2. Defensive
  3. General Play

For example in the attacking part, try to see where you lack. Are you playing too direct? Too slow? Having problem with crossing? and etc etc. Once you identify your weakness you make a list. The top on your list should the one you feel is your most biggest weakness. From there you work your way down from the biggest until the smallest.

This will train your mind to be more systematic in how you solve your problem. This can be apply to in your life as well.

2nd. Work Your Weak Point

Once you identify where your weakness lies, now is the time to work your weak point. In order to work this out, you need to be creative. What i mean by creative is not create something new, but have the " Trial And Error" Principe.

Although it will be very tiring and frustrating, this is the only way to work your weakness. You need to have "What if.." attitude. Everytime you fail to try something new, say to yourself "What if i do this? or maybe if i do that?".

For example you want to find out a way to cross. Then you try to do a direct cross.. but it doesnt work. What if you try an indirect cross? What if you try cross which go to the far post instead of the near post? So must keep on asking yourself until you find your strength.

You need to keep on trying until you find the solution. There is no short cut to success ^^

Ok guys thats all for today. Happy training! Remember its not the quantity of the training, but its the quality that matters. Like what my lecturer used to say "There is no use reading a book for 10 hours if you dont understand a single word at all" ^^


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