Monday, March 31, 2008

Up And Down

If we are in the business world, we will often hear this word " Buy low sell high!". Or when in the stock market people usually trade during the good economic growth while keep their money when the economy went bad.

But based on Robert T. Kyosaki, he said:

" A champion is those who know how to get profit during bad times and earn more and more profit during good times."

Basically what he is trying to say is no matter where the market goes, no matter how the economy is, the champion will always benefit either way. The champion will make full use of his knowledge and change the situation to his own way.

Same as FIFA although you score the 1st goal doesnt mean you are going to win. A true champion is a person who know how to secure his victory when he is leading and know how to make a comeback when he is losing. Doesnt matter if he is leading 5-0 or losing 5-0, the Champion know what to do in all of this situation in order to secure his victory.

From my personal experience i've seen a lot of people who are leading with lots of goal but in the end lost while those who are losing badly manage to make a comeback. But most of the time those who are losing will just lost. And everyone of them who failed share the same trait which is:

"Over confident or no confident"

Those who are winning thought they are winning while those who are losing thought they are losing. Its either over confident or lack of confident. A champion always balance this emotion. So always make sure that you doesnt fall in either one of the bad trait.

So dont always thought that when you score the 1st goal you will win. Although its a mental boost but be aware of your opponent desire to win.

In the end its what in your head that counts ^^

I think one of the most memorable comeback made in history of football is between Liverpool and AC Milan UCL 2005. Superb longshots. ^^

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Well given example!!=P