Thursday, June 19, 2008

Attacking: Loopholes

Everybody likes to play attacking style of football rite? We love to see fast play, nice passes and deadly finishing. When we get the ball the only thing we think is the goal. If you like to do such thing, here is a tip that might make ur wishes come to true.

A good gamer is a gamer who knows how to find loopholes in their opponent's defence. Although every opponent have their own defending style, but every formation have their loopholes as well.

For example:

The arrow indicating the loopholes

As you can see 442 have loopholes in between their players. Passes that revolves around this loopholes is very hard to def because it is their natural weakness. That is why formation like 433 can easily penetrate 442 because their natural position revolves around 442 loopholes.

433 position are naturally at 442 loopholes

Every formation have different loopholes. Passes that you normally do against 442 doesnt really work against 433 because of different loopholes. Passes that you normally do against 433 also doesnt work on 442. That is why it is very important to understand every formation advantage and disadvantage.

So to be a good gamer you must understand both your opponent and yourself. With this knowledge, any defense in the world even if its like a brick of wall you can penetrate easily.

So play attacking football! ^^


Anonymous said...

wah, very good issue. well done, bro.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to ask does that mean all 4 defender formation are weak against 433? since the 3 striker slot between the gap of the 4 defenders. I would like a more detailed article on this if possible. Thanks!