Thursday, June 26, 2008

Defending: Goalie

In defending section, we will cover all the stuff about defending. Although i am not really that good in this area but at least i can still help with the basic.

I believe everyone here have undergo a situation where you have to defend 1 on 1 or a situation where it is most likely you gonna concede. And the only one who can stop you from concede any goal is your GK. But i believe everyone can see that sometimes they are not reliable as well.

Well here is some trick that i wanna share with you using graphics below:

1 on 1 Situation

During 1 on 1 situation or similar situation to this, you must be ready to use your GK as your last resort. It is very important to anticipate the speed and the position of the striker. The striker is most dangerous when he is walking because this show that your opponent is anticipating any movement from your GK. So be very careful when he is walking.

Now when the striker is this near to your box, it is time to bring out your GK. When you bring out your GK, do not bring him out from the small box yet. At this moment you will be playing mind games with him. Plus by keeping your GK in the small box it will reduce the chances for the striker to score because you are closing the angle for him to shoot. But if you come out of the box and the striker is still a distance from your GK, its gonna be a piece of cake for the striker to score.

Anticipation Time

When your GK is about to come out from the small box, try to anticipate the striker movement. See is he going to shoot or still moving forward. If he still moving forward then bring out your GK all the way to grab the ball. If the striker wanna shoot, pull back your GK to cover up the space expose at the far post. This should be enough to stop a few goals from going in.

Now there are disadvantage by using this method. If the striker do a dummy shot then most probably it will result in a goal in the end. Even the striker can also do a chip shot if your opponent is good at it. But all of this can be minimize by doing a lot of practice using this method. You might be expecting a few free goals when you 1st started using this method but once you've understand the concept you can make Julio Cesar into Buffon in no time. You can also stop any other common finishing by using this concept as well if you've already understand the concept.

In the end practice makes perfect. So play beautiful football ^^

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