Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Taipei Computex 2008

Hi guys! Reporting in from Taipei, Taiwan. As you may know previously i've received invitation from Abit to show my skills in FIFA during Computex 2008 to help promote their event. Computex is the 2nd largest IT event in the world. It is where all of the IT developer in the world meet up and show off their latest prod and tech.

One thing that i notice about Taiwan is.. Taiwan is so piao liang!(beautiful). They have such cozy weather with a little bit rain here and there but i've never experience heavy rain yet. Its kinda foggy here as well so its kinda cool as well. Thought that i wanna wear a jacket but after i saw that none of them wear any jacket well i have to control macho lar and tahan the cold. lol

Oopss before i run away too far from the main topic of this blog(which is FIFA), for the 1st time in the history of gaming, a FIFA clan logo in Malaysia has been proudly presented here at Computex. Here is the pics:

Clan logo

Abit booth

W|nDs Logo

Computex Building

This shows that W|nDs has manage to make a breakthrough to oversea and being recognized as one of the top FIFA clan in Asia. We hope that from this breakthrough it will motivate others to work hard as well as to encourage more sponsoring activity here in Malaysia.

Ok guys thts all from now! Have to do some set up for tomorrow. Will update about this later on ^^


A13x said...

Wow congrats to [W|nDs]! XD

Eh ask Abit to sponsor us also! lol

m00tsumi said...

so whats the logo in between winds and xcn anyway?
i havent seen that one before

jennyto said...



Rinie said...

woot jenny dah pandai berbahasa gamers.

lol anyway guys i will upload more pics 2moro.

so stay tune~ ^^