Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Computex 08-Part 2

Sorry for the long delay. There are just tons of thing i need to catch up since i came back from Taipei. Anyway here is the moment that you have been waiting for... pics!!


Trying Guitar Hero in 3D

Sorry man cant give you the motherboard


Our organizer and frens

Night in Taiwan

AMD guys.


another dance

With Abit Strongman


errr... hehe...

Flying without wings.


Cosplay again.

The Crowd

Guy and girls

Being gay for a moment~ lol

Taipei 101

Dog show

Playing on stage

With the emcee

Orait thats all folks! Sorry i cant show too many show girls pics because it would be off topic from The FIFA Blog. LOL But if you guys would like to see more can always get it from my friendster.

So what do i learn from this experience? I learn no matter where you are in this world, the most important and the only thing you need to do is to...

Smile ^^

Looks like a real footballer eh? lol


A13x said...

Eh intro me that girl on the right in your "Guy and girls" photo! Have more pics of her?? Muahahaha =P

So what did you do there? Play with strangers? What they win if they beat you? So did you lost a match? lolz

Rinie said...

lol play with the visitors of coz.

if they beat me they get a motherboard free.

But too bad nobody manage to bring home one. ^^

A13x said...

What kinda mobo?? The ASUS ROG series?? Wahh tell us la...we should have flown over there to play against you! Muahahahaha =P

Rinie said...

fly there just to win mobo?

err better buy 1 here lor. lol ^^

A13x said...

Of course not only win mobo la...can see chicks also ma ^^

jennyto said...

huuuu nak pakai idung kale biru leh??