Tuesday, June 17, 2008


In Malaysia, currently we have a few medias who actually doing coverage about gaming. But sadly there not much exposure done for the gamers. So the gamers are always left out and became unknown to the public. This in the end harm their way to attain sponsorship because there are not much publicity done for the gamers.

So this is where Spotgamers come around. Spotgamers- Your Delicious Gamers News, is the only online media in Malaysia that only focus on gamers. Imagine MTV+ESPN+E! Entertainment channel. Spotgamers going to interview gamers, do match review, write hot gossips and hot stories, give coverage to tournament and much much more. By doing this, Spotgamers hope that this will allow more exposure for gamers in Malaysia to be known to the community.

For more info about this, why dont we go to their website at http://spotgamers.blogspot.com ^^


A13x said...

A blogspot isn't a website lolz...maybe later on you guys can start a www.spotgamers.com.my! XD

azza484 said...

thanks for the coverage on Cyberjaya Euro 2008 Soccer Carnival... hope to see you there... lol...

Rinie said...


of coz we are getting our own website. but minus .my ^^


no prob man. I wish to do more coverage on this event. Later on i will email you for an interview. ^^