Friday, June 13, 2008


What is the role of a clan?

Why do people actually create clans? Izzit to dominate the gaming scene? To be the best? To be in a gang? To encourage more competitive gaming? Or To be gay with each other?

Now the reason of a clan being created can be varied. It can either be all of the above or none of the above or might the last one on the above. lol

But what i know is clan was created by a group of gamers who play the same game or might have different division of game as well.

For me, the clan role in the gaming community is to ensure that the gaming community will remain strong,healthy and growing or you can say productive.

For example, in the previous years there was hardly any tournament around. Even if there was a tournament, its pretty hard to fill it up the slot. Imagine if you are not in a clan, you alone will not do much help for the tournament itself. But when your in a clan, you go there as group and thus can confirm that at least 10 spots will be fill.

Now this is only if 1 clan. If we have 2-3 clan? Then up to 30 spots can be fill up easily. So to get the spots fill easily will not be hard anymore. Plus the clan in Malaysia are not picky as well. Even small tourney and oversea tourney we still join as well. For example last year there was a FIFA tourney in Dotcom8. Up to almost 60++ ppl turn up in such a small tourney! Even this year MMU Cyberjaya held their own cybergames tourney and it was a success. Thats show how we trully appreciate the organizer effort to held a tourney.

Plus being in a clan is fun! Your in a group with the same people who have the same interest with you. You can share skills, joke fool around or even go to karaoke together. Even when times was hard in the gaming scene we all can still stand together because everyone is supporting each other. If you were playing alone, you dont have anyone to support you or to motivate when you were down. Many people said that gamers are not good in communication skills. But if you were in a clan, this will help you tremendously because you have to interact with your clanmate as well. For me, although i am from an english speaking family but I learn how to speak english better because im in a clan. And currently starting to pick up some chinese language as well. Ni Hen Piao Liang, Wo Ai Ni. LOL laugh.gif

And clan will produce great gamers as well because you will be able to practice and share skills together with your clanmate. This you can see from other clans as well where most of the top gamers in Malaysia are from a clan. Not just in Malaysia but the whole world as well. This will help the gaming community to produce a world class gamer that everyone in the world would look up to.

Although its good that all clan will always participate in any tourney, but to be more professional the clan must also give back something to the gaming community as well.

For example, W|nDs has develop our very own W|nDs Youth Academy which would teach the younger generation how to play FIFA. Plus W|nDs has also develop a policy where from now on we are going to accept players only from the W|nDs Youth Academy. So we will not going to accept anyone above 21 at the moment. With this youth academy. we can confirm that there the tradition will never die after the veteran has retired one day. So there will always be a streamline for new blood.

Another example is The FIFA Blog which i have created to share my knowledge in FIFA to the public. You guys can check it out at

So this is how the gaming clan help the gaming community by making it strong,healthy and growing or you can say productive. The clans are not here to dominate but rather to set up a benchmark standard for others to follow. At the same time gaming clans in Malaysia must also find out ways to help the gaming community beside joining tourney. Because our community is not big, we must be creative and find out ways to make our gaming community the best in the world.

So i hope that this will clear things out about our existence here as a clan. Although there are a sign of dominance of a certain clan in the gaming community, we are here to help the gaming community, not to destroy it. Just like Eminem lyrics in his song Toy Soldier " Why must we destroy the things we help build?"

And I hope that this will encourage more gamers to create their own clan as well. Come together we will change the gaming community and make our gaming community the best in the world. Together we are strong! ^^


Jopperstaluf said...

hahahaha! Ur seriously right bout da clan part dude... lol! Me and my frens build up a new clan, we're total noisy young inexperience amateurs! We'll be making most noise in da CC. Well, atleast it shows that we're having a good time! Can't forget when playing CS, even my chair went flying 1 side! lol! Anyways, any of u or ur clan members play C&C3? C'mon! PLan to take someone on! lol! Peace out!

Rinie said...


lol glad to c ur having fun in the clan. You guys play C&C3? well then u guys can challenge Rorikon clan.

I do play C&C3 but usually with cpu only. If play with all u pro will definitely kena tapao. lol XD

Make sure u guys join this year CEL Games yea ^^

Jopperstaluf said...

lol.... well, actually in my clan i'm da only C&C 3 player, the others is FIFA, Battlefield 2 or CS. lol! Actually i also play with CPU ne yet... Can't find anyone to challenge with. -_-" lol!

Anyways, i think u know 2 of my clan members 1 is da Recon_V!rus and da other 1 is da guy who won da guitar heroes comp during da WCG kick off! lol! I nt sure u remember them or not! lol!

azza484 said...

many clan based on pc games... not much on console... so when we do tourney... the turn up not so good... for FIFA tourney using PS3... hard to get event 16 players... hope things will be