Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Attacking: Mix Your Passes

In attacking section, we will discuss on the attacking area obviously.

Now some of us has this feeling that playing long ball is consider as cheap shot. Because of this we seldom do long ball and play more passes on the ground. Saying that its beautiful football to play without long ball and makes it more realistic.

I dont wanna debate on beautiful football because everyone has its own opinion about this issue. But what i would like to share is the benefit of mixing your passes.

Normally when we play just with ground passes, formation such as 433 and 424 can easily pressure the defence thus producing passing mistakes. So the only way to get out of this pressuring trap is to do a long ball to your midfielder.

424 Attackers Pressuring The Defense

It seems like there is no way out for the defender rite. The only way out against 424 is to play a longball to the midfielder.

1 Longball And You Free Yourself

As you can see, just by doing 1 simple long ball, you are set to demolish 424 defense with 6 attackers vs 6 defender. Now if you mix your passes correctly, you will be able to launch a successful attack against the defender even before they can react to your longball.

Mixing Up Passes And You Just Unleash A Deadly Attack

Just applying something simple to your play, you've just manage to punish any defensive mistake. If just focus on one type of passes, it is almost unlikely to do the above scenario. Besides that, mixing up passes does create what we so call beautiful football.

Hope this help everyone to understand the importance of mixing up your passes. So play attacking football ^^


BigBoss said...

But theres only 1 prob.the celgames and wcg rules says that cannot use long ball in ur own half.Even A cannot use.I agree wat xtreme says.This is ridiculous. cannot even clear the ball for god sake!!!

Rinie said...

if your longball direct to striker is wrong. If to midfielder is ok.

BigBoss said...

Like dat can kaa?Ive been fooled!!!Kena spam for nothing.=.=!

A13x said...

Don't know how many times we have made clear that the long-balls rule is forbidden because of the 1v1 situation. If you make a long ball to the midfielder as illustrated by jali, it has nothing wrong.

Mixing short passes and long passes is what you call beautiful football already. Only playing long balls are lame because it shows no creativity in an attacking football, correct jali? ^^

Rinie said...

only short or long or mid or up or down is lame. ONLY is lame.

y u post in an older post? lol

A13x said...

Are you saying that people are not allowed to post comment in older posts? ><"