Monday, June 23, 2008

New Structure For Better Quality

Starting from today, The FIFA Blog will be using a new structure. This is to ensure that The FIFA Blog will be able to produce article daily and to satisfied the readers need. This is also to thanks all the readers who have been supporting the blog.

The new structure is as follow:

  • Monday:Motivation
  • Tueday: Attacking
  • Wednesday: Defending
  • Thursday: Mentality
  • Friday: Discussion And Debate

So by implementing this new structure, this will ensure The FIFA Blog to meets its 1st objective which is to give the latest and exciting tips and tricks for FIFA. At the same time, The FIFA Blog will be able to cover all aspect of the game. So no part will be left out.

Hopefully this will help all the players to improve more of their gameplay. Last word, play beautiful football! ^^

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