Saturday, March 8, 2008

And Your Teacher Is...

Sorry for the delay i was pretty busy for you know what day it is. Happy voting for those who are voting ^^

Haha i guess you guys have know the answer already from the previous thread. The answer to the riddle is..


I know that CPU can be a little annoying at times. They can do anything that they want. If they are determine to score they will find any way which sometimes exceed our expectation to score. Same goes to defending it seems that they can just follow you everywhere you go no matter what you do. The most frustrating things of all is i know the legendary dribbling past thru all 4 defender without stopping.

So instead of hating them, why dont we join them? Many people dont realize that what the CPU can do WE CAN DO TOO. So how do we ask CPU to teach us? By observing their play.

Take example when CPU are defending. Did you notice that everytime we attack, there will be 1 player stick to you until the end? What this defender is doing is that he is controlling his defending area. CPU will stick to the ground and wait for your move. CPU will never select another player until we pass or change to another player. Their terms of defending is "Stick Like UHU"

Thru observation, we can see that the concept that they use is very simple. Just stick to your ground and dont go anywhere. They play 1 on 1 style defending. This will retain the position and force us to either dribble or pass. It is a very good concept and it does help me personally to understand more on how to def.

Another example is from crossing. The best thing about this game is we can save replay! Save the replay and observe in which position did the CPU choose to cross to the striker. Where is the position of the striker when the cross has been execute? Save a few replay and we can see that they always cross to the striker in certain position. Of course you have to save replays for successful crosses only.

So thru observation, CPU can be our teacher indirectly. Dont get frustrate with CPU. Instead, use the frustration to learn from them. I will wrap this thread up with this slogan:


What is your most frustrating moment playing with CPU? For me its still the dribbling thru 4 def part ^^


Mr. Star said...

Hello Rinie,

Thanks for the practice session yesterday. Checkout my comments on our 1 hour session at my blog :-).

By the way, I agree with Rinie regarding watching and try to copy (if not master) what the computer is doing to improve our overall game play.

But If we had a chance to play with good players (such as you), not only benefits you in your game but in your player vs player experience. This experience is vital for success in tournements because most of the time PEOPLE is a lot harder to beat.

Hope we had a chance to battle again :-). Chowz!!!

Rinie said...

Hope that you like wht i've teach you ^^