Monday, March 3, 2008

Man Marking

There is a feature in FIFA that helps in defending. Its call MAN MARKING. It allows gamer to choose from 4 players to auto mark the selected players opponent. With this, gamer has a lot of choice to fully utilize the defending game play.

So who to man mark would be the question rite? Now this depends on the formation your opponent choose.

For example vs 433. The player that should be man mark is the winger. Why? Because 433 rely on the wing to attack. Although it has a lone striker, its very hard for him alone to attack. So the best move is to man mark the winger while manual mark the lone striker. So imagine that CPU is helping you in def by man marking the winger.

Although it seems nice and formidable, must be aware that man marking do have its flaw. When the winger finish running, the def who man mark will leave the winger in an almost offside position. This will allow him to run freely if he gets the correct pass.

There are also some players who dont play man marking. They use ZD instead. But as i said before, there is no definite way in FIFA.

So the man marking rules is simple. Mark the most targeted active player base on formation.

Hopefully this will help you guys to get a lot of clean sheet ^^

Does anyone know where does the term "Clean Sheet" came from? ^^


BPWX said...

Haha I know the origin of the term "Clean Sheet"!!

The term first appeared in the 1930s and it derived from sports reporting in which the reporter would use separate pieces of paper to record different events of the game. If one team does not let in a goal, then that team's "details of goals conceded" column would appear blank, hence leaving a clean sheet.

Alternatively the term may post back to Willy "Fatty" Foulke during his Bradford City days. While playing against Accrington Stanley in February 1907, it is said that Foulke's jersey clashed with the red of Stanley and no-one could find a jersey large enough to fit him, so he played wrapped in a sheet, procured from a nearby house. Bradford won the game 1–0 and Foulke didn't dive during the match, so he kept a 'clean sheet'.

From Wikipedia =D

Rinie said...

lol i c...

such an interesting history football is ^^

jennyto said...

sape tau kertas bersih tu ape??

kertas yang xkne udara indon..haha...

Anonymous said...

jali.. i still duno how to set the defence..although u said it is depends on what is the situation...but i feel like my defence always like to run i rather didn choose any defence system like PR or ZD...

Rinie said...


lol yeah i now wht u meant..

PR is more for stopping Counter Attackers rather than Attacking while ZD is more to containing type meaning you cant pressure your opponent.

And i also notice that PR is good when ur using a team with fast pace rather than normal pace.

So i think for u to understand more which suits u more u have to experiment a bit which is the best defence for u.

Remember that there is no certain way in FIFA. It all up to the individual itself ^^