Monday, March 17, 2008

The Other 5%

I am sorry that for the past 3 days i wasnt able to update the blog. I was attending a business motivation seminars. To make it up to it today i will share one of the lesson that i learn during the RM2000 seminar. So better make full use of it!

In US around 1930 if im not mistaken, there was a president asking his minister about the condition of the country. He ask will US will still be on top of the world or will go down in the future. All the minister that he ask most of them said the same thing: US will go up!

One day the president call the minister of education. He give the minister of education USD 3 Billion to make a research to see where will US be in the future. The minister of education when to Yale University and gave the money to the dean to conduct the research.

The dean summon all of the professor and ask them how do we do this research. Some of them said we should research on the economy because economy will determine the wealth of the nation. Some of them said we should research about new technology. Suddenly one of them said " We should research about our people because they are who determine the success of our country.".

Agreed to the last professor they call in 100 man around US in the age of 25. They ask many question such as "What is your dream?" "What is your ambition?" "What is your current status?" and so on and so forth. Every year they will ask the same 100 man of what they are doing rite now. They updated it every year until 30 years since they all will retire when they are 56 years old. Then they compile the report and send it to the president.

The report was category into 5 group:

  1. Rich...................................................................... 1 ppl
  2. Finanacial Independent.................................... 4 ppl
  3. Still working........................................................ 5 ppl
  4. Dead........................................................................ 27 ppl
  5. N.E.W.O.C........................................................... 63 ppl

This report was published in the "Fortune 500" magazine. What does N.E.W.O.C means? It mean Not Even Worth One Cent. All of them are 55 years old when the report was submitted and 63 of 100 are useless. Only 1 out of 100 is rich while 4 is financial independent. 5 of them is still working although they are suppose to retire while 27 have died. This report shock the whole nation even some of them cried when they read this report.

The president ask why those who die is no.4 not no.5? The professor answered " We purposely let it be there." President asked why. Then the prof replied "To remind all of us that its better to die then live a useless life." Because of this report US became the most powerful nation in the world rite now.

As you see it is not the country,not the government or not your parent who determine your success. Its you who will determine your own life. Because of this report too another country in Asia who was almost gone from the world became a very powerful country now. Which country is that? It was Japan. When 2 nuclear bomb drop at Hiroshima and Nagasaki everyone thought that Japan is going to be extinct from the world. When this report arrive at Japan around 1970 they start to build up their nation. In just 20 years time they have become one of the most powerful country in the world. No matter where we live rite now, we will always use their product. When we sleep on the aircond its from Japan. When we wanna eat open the refrigerator, its from Japan. Half of Proton car is from Japan. We wear selipar Jepun!

This report was name " The Other 5%" . This report was so powerful that it make an almost extinct nation into a powerful country. So my question is this: Do you want to be in the other 5%? Which position do you want to be? No.1 and no.2? Or no.5?

Only you can decide in which position you wanna be. If you want to be in the other 5% everyday when you wake up and go to sleep shout " I WANNA BE THE OTHER 5%!!!". Shout for x16. Dont just say it. You must shout. Only when you shout your subconscious mind will work. You will feel the energy to be the other 5%. It will force you to go on even if you dont feel like too.

But shouting itself also is useless. DO SOMETHING! Start to build urself up. Dont wait things to happen. Make things happen!

So dont be the other 95%. Be the other 5% ^^

*Reminder* The FIFA Blog will not be responsible for any disturbance in your house such as broken mirror or window or mom thinking your crazy that will result in shouting those word. Each ppl are responsible for the effect that may or may not affect other people as well.


Becca said...

I'm wow-ed by this article. You do include interesting facts about the subconscious mind and how it works. Hmm, do check out, they have a whole host of interesting and helpful articles. Also,maybe you can use some tips here.

Rinie said...

Hi Becca. Thx for your comment ^^

I couldnt access the tips part for some reason. Bringing me into an error page. Maybe you can provide us with the correct link?

Btw how did you manage to come across my blog?

Im glad that you willing to share with us this wonderful website. Are you in this field? ^^

A13x said...

Ish don't just click on the link can see that the link included and that causes the whole link to be invalid...just copy paste or type out the link in your browser to access

Btw what do you mean RM2000 seminar? You actually paid RM2k just to attend the seminar? ><"

Rinie said...

the website is ok but those underline "here" cant access.

Yes i paid for the seminar 2k. It is worth it because i dun just learn about this but i learn a lot of things as well.

Although some of it i have applied it many times but i just realize the real effect is.

A13x said...

Haha the link "here" is exactly the same link as becca mentioned earlier la...where got 2 different links? ><"

Ermm i don't know la but paying RM2k just to attend a seminar...i just don't get it why they need to charge so expensive...some good seminars are held for free also...else many great materials can be obtained through books or internet...RM2k is just way too expensive just to hear some stuffs =S