Friday, March 21, 2008

CGS FIFA 08 Update

At last after a few days of mystery, the tourney format has revealed itself. Here is how it goes:


The CGS 2008 KL Taufan Trials
is open to all individuals aged 18 and above. For the 4 different games, the criteria is as follows:

Counter-Strike: Source - Registration as a Team of 5
FIFA '08 - Registration as an Individual
DoA 4 Male/Female - Registration as an Individual
Forza Motorsport 2 - Registration as an Individual

Draft Spots

For each game, Draftees will qualify or be selected to fill the available spots, after the trials:

Counter-Strike: Source - 4 Teams (3 + 1 Wildcard)
FIFA '08 - 8 Individuals (6 + 2 Wildcards)
DoA 4 Male - 4 Individuals (2 + 2 Wildcards)
DoA 4 Female - 4 Individuals (2 + 2 Wildcards)
Forza Motorsport 2 - 6 Individuals (4 + 2 Wildcards)

Qualified or selected Draftees will continue on to the next stage of the selection process, during the boot camp prior to the Pan-Asian Finals.


Date: Saturday, 22nd of March 2008
Time: 9 AM (Walk-in Registration)
Games: Counter-Strike: Source & Dead or Alive 4 (Male/Female)

Date: Sunday, 23rd of March 2008
Time: 9 AM (Walk-in Registration)
Games: FIFA '08 & Forza Motorsport 2

Source: Auricom


Different than last year where only the champion will be pick to represent KL Taufan, this year there is a bit of twist. 6 champion and runner up of the group will be pick plus another 2 additional wild card.

What does wild card means? It means the player who has been selected thru wild card will be pick regardless how is the outcome of the qualifier. The candidates is judge base on their previous tourney achievements and good personalities.

Plus this 8 ppl will undergo thru tremendous " FUN" during the boot camp. It is from here that the true champion will be pick out among the 8.

So this year is a bit open to everyone. Since there is 8 spots left to grab better grab this opportunities and show Malaysia what you got! ^^

Just wanna make a quick survey. How many readers here is going to participate in CGS? ^^


Rinie said...

Im joining ^^

wongth7 said...

mmm..looks interesting...if i join..i may be ur black sheep ba ba...ahahhaha...but cant le..u all professional so terror wan..newbie like me see also scare :(

Rinie said...

The more the merrier ^^

vutsi said... whos qualify for fifa....i already withdraw my name fr the boot-camp for doa4...cgs pan-asia clash wif my final exam kl taufan...

Rinie said...

i c.. too bad though.. at least can still go to China ^^

Anyway the result has been updated in the new post.

Check it out ^^