Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Have you ever do something that suppose to work but didnt work? Have you ever try to score a goal which suppose to go in but it hits the post or miss it? Or you are very unlucky that every time u slide an opponent you get red card?

Guess what? It happens to me too! And try to take another guess, who is the most unluckiest person in our FIFA community?

That person is.... me! Dont believe me? Check this out:

WCG 03:

In the semi final of loser bracket Gassa did a long shot from the wing. The GK was suppose to catch it but guess what? He stand there and be fooled by the shot! It was David Seamen..

WCG 04:

In the grand final i was leading 3-0 against Hwa. Then he get 3 STRAIGHT PENALTY and equalized the match to 3-3. In the end he won WCG Malaysia with the 2nd game 2-1.. also from penalty!

Electronic Football Competition(EFC) 06:

In the 2nd round against MyFES.Solidsnake, i cross and head to the post more than 5 times... IN A ROW! He beat me with the aggregate of 4-1.

Solidsnake ended up as the champion of EFC 06.

WCG 06:

Again n the semi final of loser bracket against Solidsnake he beat me in the 1st match 4-1. Then i make a comeback in the 2nd game 3-0. Then in the last minute he grab the ball from my poor Neville and counter attack. He cross and Henry was running. Robinson suppose to catch the ball but wait... Henry out-pace and out-jump Robinson and scores! Again it was England!

WCG 07:

Visa denied. Have to say more?

CGS 07:

For some reason any computer that i touch will have problem. Touch this one will disconnect. Touch that one will disconnect. Donno if i touch any girl will disconnect any clothes or not. :P

So in the 3rd round against own clanmate [W|nDs] Illeonu, he lead me by 3-0.Then in the 2nd half i make another comeback to 3-3. Then he score again then i score back 4-4. Then suddenly from the corner, cross and then guess who head it? It was Makelele! He head the ball so slow that i bet a turtle will outrun the ball but Coupet just cant do anything about it. He won the match 5-4.

WGT 07:

In the final against [W|nDs] Vin, i got so many chances from 1 on 1 which i am very pro at it. But guess again, all hit the post! Very.. very... arghhhh!!!

Vin won the match and became the 1st WGT FIFA champion.

So there you have it. Even champion do have his unlucky moments. But thru my personal experience i notice that it can be overcome!

How does unlucky happen? Most of it happens because:

Unlucky = Lack Of Knowledges, Lack Of Concentration and Mistakes.

It is also equals to: Your fault!

Take WCG 06 for example. If I didnt pass to Neville i might win the match. But i was to stubborn to pass to him although he was mark closely by a winger. In the end it resulted in the goal.

WGT 07? That is my fault as well. Lack of concentration resulting in the unlucky moments.

So if you are unlucky, dont blame the unknown factor. Blame yourself for your own miserable fate.

But unlucky is good. Now that we know what is the unlucky factor, we can turn it into lucky ^^

I never won any cabutan bertuah in my life. Isnt that unlucky? What is your unlucky moment? ^^


A13x said...

My unlucky moment is i can't still find my dream girl after so long =(

Haha actually not only you la...everyone in this world or everyone who plays FIFA also will face unlucky factors during games.

And what you said are correct...unlucky factors can sometimes be equaled to your own mistakes like lack of concentration and knowledge...but some unlucky factors really you can't do anything at all and you just have to pray! Aih i just got very very frustrated with myself today after playing a few league games...but i will try to overcome it tomorrow and hope to be a better and improved player!

(wooooot Germany thrashed Swizz 4-0 =P)


Rinie said...

Yup there are certain things we cant control.

But that is not an excuse to blame your bad luck.

Make sure control the things that we can control to lessen the effect of the bad luck ^^

A13x said...



Rinie said...

so different man...