Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Possession and Counter Attack.

We all have heard it. You need to have possession in order to score. No possession no goal. While on the other hand believe that as soon as get the ball straight away counter attack. Every time get the ball make sure that its either ended up in your opponent penalty box or in the back of the net.

Both have strong argument. One said that you need the ball to score. The other said get the ball fast into the net. Dont wait for the chances to come. So which is right?

The right thing to do is to use the possession well. No matter how many possession you get even up till 99%, if you donno how to use it the possession is useless. Thats why if you see the match stats sometimes the one who won the match wont have higher possession. Its a prove that the percentage of possession wont make you win. Its how you use the possession that matters. Just imagine every time you get the ball it ended up for a corner or a goal. So if you have 10 possession and 30% ended up in the net, you have 3 goals easily!

So if you like to hold the ball make sure you know what you are doing. If you like to counter attack make sure that the counter attack can produce a goal or at least it ended up for a corner.

In the end its not about quantity but quality ^^


wongth7 said...

mxhaving more possesion can give u more confidence..but if u cant use those possesion to score a goal..u will be frustrated; as for ppl who has little possesion...but manage to get a goal...they will feel lucky...but througout the game...they will feel more nervous than ppl who has possesion as they know if their defence make any will allow the opposition to score a goal..(like me..haha)

Rinie said...

lol i believe that problem got nothing to do with having possession or not..

its more about having confidence ^^