Wednesday, March 12, 2008

International Selection

During MMU E-Week there were many favourite team choosen by each player. There were Man Utd, Barcelona, France, Spain, Brazil, England and some Chelsea. Although we can expect that team like Barcelona will be on top of them all, but all the teams has its own specialty.

This specialty was made by EA to make sure that although it is not as good as the other team, it can still compete and can even win other big team as well. There are also certain team which can counter other team as well. And what make this specialty is so unique is that it suits certain play style only. Let say that you like to play with fast pace pressuring then Man Utd or Barcelona would be your favourite choice. Like to play more passing than dribbling, Chelsea would be the best choice. (All the above is just example for playing style, not the definite way of using the team).

So today im going to dedicate today topic with international team specialty. I choose to discuss international because i've more knowledge and experience compare to club. I will do a topic about club too but maybe not in the near future.

Ok so lets start with the 1st team:


The country of samba!
What can i say more? Its touches everyone heart with their attacking style of play plus slickery smooth moves. Plus its the home where all the best footballer in the world came from. Just name it Ronaldinho,Kaka, Ronaldo all are Brazilian.

Ok so what is Brazil specialty? 1st of all what we will notice is their physical appearance. Their defender is noticeably so big and strong. Plus they are fast too. The midfield also have the same appearance.

2nd is their ability to respond and react. Gilberto Silva always help in the defence with its response to attack. Always win and make crucial tackle. Kaka on the other hand always run into the box without even needing to control him. He always give the extra option when attacking. Plus his long shot is as good as in real life as well. There are certain position especially near the box if you power up a little bit can still score from long shot. Robinho and Ronaldinho? Every should have know their ability to dribble. Ronaldo shldnt let him get those rebound balls. If he is in the box he is a very deadly player. Plus his fast too. (I know he is not fast in real life but hey.. its just a game.)

So if you like to play a lot of ground passes with a little bit mix of 1-2 passes and also would like to do a lot of dribble, Brazil is for you. You can also do counter attack long ball because Ronaldo can actually run but there will be problem in terms of his partner. If you play with 2 striker you can either use Robinho or Rafael Sobis or even Ronaldinho but they are not as good as Ronaldo. So use your creativity and decide which style you wanna use.


Beckham, Beckham and Beckham.
What will England do without him? It is the most confusing team in the game. There are too many good midfielder to choose from. We all know that Beckham cant run anymore but he is very good in crossing. Its a big fight for the right flank position. Another fight is in the CM area. Donno why some ppl feel that Gerrard and Lampard cant play together. But we all know Lampard is good. So who should we choose? For the strikers, Bent seems better than Owen but do we want to risk such experience striker? The defender is good with Terry and Ferdinand but the Neville is pretty slow.I donno why some people dislike A.Cole because for me he is good.

It is pretty confusing isnt it? Yeah it is. The line up itself make us lost 50% of our energy just to decide who to play. So i leave the technical part for you guys to decide who should play and who should not. If for me this will be my line-up:

GK: David James
RB: Micah Richard
CD: Ferdinand
CD: Terry
LB: A.Cole
RM: SWP (Yes i ditch Beckham!)
CM: Gerrard
CM: Hargreaves
LM: J.Cole
RS: Bent
LS: Rooney

For me i dont really need Lampard because i dont depend much on long shot. Although Lampard can win tackle but Hargreaves is fast and can do a lot in the midfield. Micah is not bad and can provide alternative for Neville. SWP is faster than Beckham and i do depend a lot on fast wings. Bent is more stable than Owen.

So what is England specialty beside confusing line up? Their striker is good! If the midfield can supply nice ball to the striker, you can say bye bye because they are fast and deadly. So obviously England is a passing team. You can try to dribble but it wont be that effective. Gerrard can also help assist in attack. Another player to watch is James. Dont be fool by his low overall because he can really save the day.

But England depend on the player chemistry. If you field up the wrong line up it can really cost you dearly. So choose wisely depend on your style of play.

So there you go with the first 2 team. Tomorrow i'll talk the next 2 team which is France(Henry!) and Spain(Torres!).

Until then please give us some thought or if you have anything to ask please feel free to ask. Even if you disagree and would like to correct me if im wrong please do so. We all here are still learning and will do some mistakes. ^^

What is your favorite real life team? For club its Chelsea! International will be Brazil!


wongth7 said...

nice tips u have there..hope u can list down all the details of every team in fifa 08...LOL..(just kidding...if not u write till fifa 2020 u also havent write finnish)...wat about spain team...any advice on them?

Mr. Star said...

I love using Germany :-) Its because of their overal body strength that aided tackles when defending high and low passes. Not forgeting Mr Ballack that can score goals for fun

A13x said...

Thank you! ^^


Rinie said...

When there is Ballack there is al3x


jennyto said...

SWP adelah?

huu xmen a chelsea..
no no..
it shud be d red devils!

glory glory manchester united!

A13x said...

Haha of course la...why wouldn't i be there then someone mentioned "me"?


Rinie said...


SWP= Shaun Wright Phillips Chelsea winger

@al3x a.k.a Ballack wannabe

yeah yeah u still havent reply my question in the newest thread :P