Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MMU E-Week

Last Sunday 9/03/08 there was a FIFA tourney held by MMU in its MMU E-Week event. There were other games as well such as Dota and CS. As always FIFA still attract most of the crowd with an average 30-40 participants.

The tourney was the 1st FIFA 08 competition for this year. Its the tourney where we can see who has been practicing hard and who has been slacking. Although its still far away to predict who will conquer 2008 but its an early indication on which gamers to watch.

The tourney went smoothly and some of the predicted favorites qualify from their group. As always the favorites are from the veteran and experience FIFA clan, W|nDs and MyFES. One of the surprising result was a newcomer nickname S|xth a.k.a Ariesparda qualify from his group as well. But in the end eventually he lost to [MyFes] Bush due to his lack of experience and composure.

Another match to be noted was between [W|nDs]Al3x vs [W|nDs]Vin. It was a very low scoring match where Vin got the 1st goal. But Al3x manage to equalise last minute in extra time thus bringing the match forward into extra time and eventually ended up in penalties. It was a breath taking match but in the end Vin manage to outclass Al3x. Same goes to [W|nDs]Loonatic vs [W|nDs]Jotaro when they also went into penalties to decide. In the end it was Loonatic who manage to outsmart Jotaro.

The semi final was between [W|nDs] Loonatic vs [W|nDs]Vin and [MyFES]Arroyos vs [MyFES]Bush. Since both match are against each clanmates so you can expect such tight score as well. In the end it was Vin and Arroyos are in the final.

The 3rd and 4th placing match is between Loonatic vs Bush. Although Loonatic was leading with a goal Bush manage to equalize back. With a longball from its own field, Bush manage to outrun Loonatic defend and score a lob goal against Loonatic to secure the win. Although Loonatic have many chance to get back into the game but due to his lack of finishing he couldnt get the important touch.

The final was a very tight match with again the goals didnt come easily. With both having such good attack and defense both of them had manage to subdue each other in almost every situation. In the end it was Vin who manage to clinch his 1st FIFA 2008 CHAMPION title with a score of 2-1.

So the result for MMU Tourney are as follow:

1st: [W|nDs]Vin

Congratz to all winners and all the participants who have help in increasing the standard of competitiveness in our FIFA community.

We hope that you guys will come and join us again when there is any tourney in this year. For those who have miss this tourney dont worry there will be more to come i can guarantee you that.

Last word, Majulah FIFA Untuk Negara ^^

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